Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Tree Day{s}

Our much anticipated appointment with the tree people came on Friday, and this time, they did not have to reschedule with us.  They arrived bright and early at 8 AM and we were immediately enthralled with the process. hubby did not leave the windows. ALL.DAY.

{If you follow me on Instagram, then this pic looks familiar!}

There were two teams of two...totalling four workers at our place.  One team worked on the group of trees next to the road with a cherry picker, and another team attacked some trees that needed to be climbed.  Here they are in action.

{Can you find him?  Let's play "Where's Waldo"...}

{Climbing high...}

{Out on a limb...}

{Just hanging around...}

{Swinging from tree to tree...}

The pruning and trimming of all of our trees took up most of the day, and the cherry and hemlock trees weren't dropped until the afternoon.  Here is a peak at the before's and after's. {I also had a video of the cherry tree being taken down, but my hubby's potty mouth is preventing it from being posted hehe.}  Our backyard is so much more open now, and I love it!

{Dead cherry tree, front and center...}

{Cherry tree to the left and hemlock growing into an oak tree on the right...}

{Cherry tree gone-zo!}

{See ya later, hemlock!}

{New view of the open backyard from the driveway...}

After those two trees went down, the process pretty much came to a halt {around 3:30 PM} because we had filled their chipper truck to the brim with all the wood that came down.  Yikes!

Unfortunately, that meant the process would continue on Monday and we wouldn't get to see this big oak in the front of our house come down.  Boooooooooo!

Oh well...everything happens for a reason, right?!?!

Welp, 8AM on Monday morning rolled and the crew returned to finish the job.  By the time we came home from work, our view of the big oak above now looked like this...

GONE-ZO!!  That big ole' tree was reduced to these big ole' chunks of soon-to-be firewood for my neighbors and in-laws.

Our yard only suffered a few bumps and bruises, which don't really show well in pictures.  Ooops!

I really wish I could invite each and every reader of this lil' blog {all 10 of you, including my Momma and Poppa Dukes} to our house to see the difference that was made by the tree work we had done.  Things are {most importantly} healthier, prettier and much more open.  Pictures will never do the work justice.

And there is still oneeee more day of tree fun to come!  All of our stumps are still hanging around...yes, the ones from the trees they took down and the ones left from small trees/large bushes that we removed from our jungle.  The crew is scheduled to come some time this week, but the rainy, icky days we've been having might put them on hold until next week.  Stay tuned!! :)


  1. I love the excitement of big projects like this! I bet it makes a HUUUUGE difference to you!

  2. if we can tell via pictures how much more open it looks, it must look incredibly different in person! is it weird that i kind of want to swing from tree to tree like those guys were doing?? i also am very tempted to drive up and snatch one of those chunks of tree trunks to make something cool like a side table!

    1. Not weird at all! My hubby and I were talking about how crazy of a job they have. Wayyy more exciting than my "9-5" desk job haha.

      Yea, some of them would have made awesome ottoman/side tables!

  3. I can tell such a huge difference!! I can only imagine what it looks like in person. We have been talking about taking down an oak tree or two in our yard (mostly because the leaves are insane and the spanish moss is killing them), and after how it looks at your place, I'm even more tempted to call! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Dooooo it! You'll love the difference it makes!

      And I feel your pain about the leaves. We have TONS in the fall. Thank gosh we invested in a leaf blower. ;)

  4. Those chunks of the old tree are making me jealous! I want to make furniture from them or more importantly slice them up into charger type plates for our wedding!

    The yard is looking great!

    1. Ohhhhh, they would have been perfect for charger plates!!

      Thanks, Christine! :)

  5. It looks so much more open now! I love how clearly you can see your house now!

    1. Me too! There is a big difference when you drive by the house. You can actually see it from most angles now! Hehe.

  6. Nice! I'd love to chop down the one big tree in my yard because the limbs break ALL THE TIME! And it looks half dead... boo.

    1. Ugh, that's so frustrating! A lot of our trees would do that because there was so much dead wood in them. That's why we needed maaaaajor pruning!! I say, take it down! :)