Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Gearing Up.

Oh heyyyy!!  Remember me???  No?  I figured you might have forgot who I am since I have been non-existent in blogger land for most of the summer.  I wish I had some super cool story to explain my I was jet-setting around the world and just didn't have time or WiFi to blog, but in reality, I just needed some downtime.  And since I couldn't take a break from my busier-than-ever "9-5", I needed to take a break from all things blogging.

Don't let my lack of posting fool you, I was still brainstorming home ideas, and even setting some plans into motion.  If you follow me on Instagram {retroranchreno}, you know the wheels have been turning lately.

For example, you guys know I loooove me some Craigslist finds.  Heck, more than half of the furniture in our house was probably someone else's at some point in time.  This summer I came across two listings I could not pass up on.

The first was a long dresser (and matching nightstand that is still in our basement because I have no spot for it yet)...

This pretty thing now lives here...

And the former-dresser-turned-console I made over has found a new home...

Nope, not in our hallway, but in our master bedroom.

The armoire I made over that used to be in our bedroom is now in the basement.  Any locals looking for one?!

The second listing I jumped on was a white mid-century bedroom set.  It included a desk, two matching dressers and a nightstand.  You only see the desk and one dresser below, because that is all I'm using for now.

I know most of you are wondering where the heck these will go...welp, meet our new "nightstands" for the master...

We like the larger pieces to balance out our large king-size bed...but holy moly, did they need a makeover.  From far away, they looked great.  Up close was a whole different story....yikes!!

I can't wait to share the transformation of this furniture with you guys!!  I had to deal with some new situations I never faced before.  The white pieces had a super slick, glossy laminate top on them, and the long dresser had plastic trim on the drawers.  I used a new primer and some homemade chalk paint to tackle these issues.  Plus, I have some fancy-shmancy hardware to show off that really makes these pieces complete.

Woohoo for being back in the blogging game!  Boy, did I miss you guys! :)