Friday, June 15, 2012

Just in Time for Father’s Day…

Is there a better time to post about a shiny, new grill than right before Father’s Day?!?!?  I think not.

If you remember, the grill that used to live in our backyard looked like this. 

Yea, nothing special.  The handles became charred and fell off.  The placement was taking up prime-time entertaining space.  Oh, and it’s so old/flimsy that I’m pretty sure I could have karate kicked it over.

Cue my hubby’s family wanting to get us a house warming gift.  For the longesttttttt time I could not figure out what to tell them we needed.  I mean, there is a ton we wanted, but nothing that we needed.  So through the cold{ish} winter months, I just kept saying “I’m not sure…I’ll get back to you”.  Then as the temperatures warmed up and we set our sights on the exterior, we realized a grill would be the perfect gift for us! 

And since I will most likely not use the grill, nor do I really know anything about grills…I left this purchase to the men of the family.  Hubby and his dad headed off to P.C. Richard about a week ago and purchased this puuuuurty new addition for our {not-yet-existing} patio!

{Is it wrong I just called a grill "pretty"?  I’m almost positive it goes against the man code of grilling.  Oh well!}

Anywhooo, here she is...our very own Weber! 

She {yes, she} will have a lovely new home, and gas line, thanks to some great plumbers I found on Angie’s List.  Since the old grill was smack in the middle of the patio space, and the old line was leaking…we knew we’d need some professional help to take care of business.  Unfortunately, when the plumbers arrived, they let us know that the line to the grill was illegal, and a new one would have to be re-run to the tune of way more than we thought we’d be spending.  I may or may not have started to cry when I heard this news.  It just wasn’t in our budget to re-run a whole new line, buttttt it’s better to be safe than sorry right?!?!?  I mean, who wants to mess around when it comes to a gas line?  Personally, I love my house and do not want to see it blown to smithereens.  {What?  Too dramatic?  My bad.}

After my initial shock and tears subsided, I was happy we did things right and ran a new line.  It’s now legal, above ground {running along the side of the porch} and comes out right where we need it, to the left of the porch stairs.

Can I just tell you how excited I’m going to be to have something that is NOT a dirt patch in our backyard?!?!?!


(PS - Day 1 of the patio process happened this week.  Can't wait to share the progress!)


  1. Your new grill is so nice!! What a perfect gift! I can't wait to see all this progress!

  2. That's a perfect house warming gift! And it is pretty- even if you're not supposed to say that about grills. Hope you had a great weekend!

    1. I went way too fast! I hope yours was great too! :)

  3. Awesome!!! A new grill always makes the perfect gift.

  4. Oh yeah! We have been grilling almost every day for about 2 months! Nothing beats meat on the grill!

    1. For sure! I always get jealous of your bbq/party/food posts! Now maybe I can finallyyyy put one up myself! :)

  5. So jealous! Our grill almost set our deck on fire a few weeks ago...we would really love a nice new Weber like that! Have fun grilling out all summer =)