Thursday, July 5, 2012

Who Needs An Alarm Clock?!

****This post was TOTALLY supposed to go up last Wednesday, but I was slightly distracted by the arrival of my parents.  Whenever they show up from NC, everything...including posting things I already prepped...goes on the backburner.  My bad!  Let's just pretend I posted this on time...k, thankssss!****

I know I didn’t this morning!  Instead, I was stirred out of sleep by the wonderful hum of a concrete truck!  {Okay, so our first alarm went off at 5am for the gym, but clearly, neither me nor hubby, were in workout mode today.  Whooops!}

Regardless, when I got my lazy butt out of bed today, I opened the blinds to see a bunch of workers prepping our patio area for the onslaught of concrete it was about to receive.  If you follow me on Instagram {retroranchreno}, you saw this picture nice and early!

By the time I was in and out of the shower…the concrete was already flowing!!

It took maybe 25 minutes of pouring and smoothing, and we were left with this.  {Can I get an AMEN for the fact that the truck could pour right into our space, versus the crew having to fill the area via wheelbarrow?}

The remainder of the day, our guy is going to manually create 3 – 5 foot “stones” in the concrete.  The larger sized stones will help make the patio appear less less busy and aid in hiding the joints he needs to create.  These joints are a must and will keep the pad from cracking over time.  After today, the crew is scheduled to come back Saturday morning.  I know the pad will need to be stained and sealed, and our steps and gutter drainage still need to be completed as well.  I can’t wait to see the finished product!