Friday, December 21, 2012

Holiday Prep.

I have been in full holiday-preparation mode for the past couple days.  After I put up our frames up, re-arranged our bedroom and stenciled our master bath, I moved on to more important holiday necessities...aka finally sending out our Christmas cards and making my Babo’s {my dad’s mom} homemade cream and coconut cream filled chocolates.  I used to look forward to getting my fair share of them every time we visited her for the holidays.  Eventually, they became too tough for her to make, and once she passed, I took over the reins of making them for my family.  I’m not sure if they taste as good as they did when she made them {I’m always my own worst critic when it comes to food}, but they sure are delicious!

It’s a two day process.  First you have to make the filling, roll them into balls and freeze it overnight...

Then, the next day, you melt semi-sweet morsels and dip them, one by one.

I.  Can’t.  Wait.  To.  Eat.  These.

After those were completed {phew}, next on top of my holiday to-do list was making some new, winter-ish curtains for the living/dining room windows. 

I’m sure this task is on the top of everyone’s list during the holidays.  You know, right before wrapping gifts and making side dishes and pies. ;)'d think I’d even put "getting our ensuite back together after everything I did to it this past weekend" higher on my list, but no…I dove into another project leaving others sorta, kinda finished.

I think it only makes sense that a sewing project would take priority over other things right now because my parents arrived Wednesday night.  That means I have my mom at my side to help with the curtains. :) Luckily, they were finished late last night.  And I'm in love.  I think they add a nice punch to the room.  Once things settle down after the holidays I’ll reveal them.

For now, I have to get my butt moving and wrap all of our presents {thank gosh we only have a few}, make a peanut butter pie and a veggie side dish for my sister’s house this weekend! :)

Happy Friday everyone!!!!!!


  1. Oh, yum. Those look delicious! I can't wait to see the curtains. I love the fabric! Also - love the site redesign!

    1. They definitely were delish!! I love fabric too...I just got a coupon from one of my favorite fabric stores and I'm itching to use it. Hehe.

      Aw, thanks! :)

  2. OMG, Those look so delicious!

  3. Those looks so good. I can't make stuff like this because I will eat too many, hehe

    1. Oh, believe me...I ate wayyyy too many. {But it was so worth it haha.} ;)