Thursday, January 5, 2012

Nightstands are New Again!

As I mentioned in my earlier post, I needed, and wanted, to find some Craigslist deals to re-do for our home.  I was on the hunt for nightstands for my guest bedrooms and I stumbled upon an ad for two solid wood nightstands for just $60.  To make the deal even sweeter, the seller happened to be just two streets away from our new house!

So my project started out with the tables looking like this...a couple dings and a bit worn...

I tossed the old hardware {I couldn't even spray them a different color if I wanted to...the pulls were broken}...

I removed the old drawer paper...and sanded them up a bit {I forgot to take a picture of them all scuffed up...whoops!}...

 Then I started priming and painting!!

My color inspiration for the tables came from the duvet I picked out for guest bedroom #1.  I matched a couple of paint chips up to the Citron Garden Mini Duvet Cover Set by Urban and the rest is history.

Unfortunately, I could NOT find replacement hardware that fit the same holes left by the original pulls.  And of course, I did not putty the existing holes before I sanded/primed/painted the tables {stupid rookie mistake} I decided to just put two glass knobs onto the drawer fronts.  I think it looks cute and adds a bit of character.  Overall, I absolutely love how they turned out and I can't wait to show them in the guest bedroom, with the duvet that inspired them.

 This is the picture that best depicts the real color of the tables...

Perny, our little love bug, wanted to make an appearance in this post.  He was very confused as to why I was giving so much attention to two end tables, instead of him. :)

Not too bad for $60, and a quart of paint!


  1. Gabbi, you are so crafty!!! I love it- love- fal

  2. Not too bad at all! They look great! Can't wait to seee them cozied up next to the duvet!

  3. Oooh! I love the colors! Can't wait to see them in the bedroom!

  4. Thanks so much Fal! Xo!

    Thank you Diana...can't wait to share it with you!

    Aw, thanks Kelly!!

    Thank you very much Ashley!! Can't wait to see what color schemes you put in your house! ;)

  5. Great color choice Gabbi! And your cat is so cuuuuute!!

  6. They look great! I like the 2 glass knobs! It's different but definitely not in a bad way.

    P.S. your cat is cute, and I don't say that often :)

  7. Thank you Lindsay! He is such a love-bug. I swear, he is part dog based on how he acts...I love it! Haha.

    Aw, thanks so much Brandi! I really appreciate it! :)

  8. Cute color! And Perny looks so cute in the photo, too, standing there all confused.

  9. Hi Gabbi...I love your house. I am a frequent stalker and Do you remember what color paint you used on the tables? I would like to try it on one I have. Thanks.


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