Thursday, February 2, 2012

Shower Glass & Birthday Wishes...

Our main bath wasn't the only place that received some special treatment over the past couple weeks!  Several weeks ago our master bath finally became a true bathroom...when the shower glass was installed.  And shame on me for not sharing the install pictures with you all!!  I don't know how I let that slip!

So here we go.  Our shower went from this...

To this!  {Yes, the blue tape is from the installers.  It needed to remain on the glass for 24 hours.}

L-O-V-E!!!!  Even though our master bath isn't the biggest space, it feels so open and airy due to our frameless shower.  When I designed our bathroom, I was quite nervous about how much our custom glass would cost, but it totally helps to make the space and was one of our smartest splurges!!

There is still so much to do for this space in the way of decor and personal touches.  {Realistically, that needs to happen to every room in our entire baby steps people haha.}  I even want to add a piece of cabinetry in the corner next to the shower.  I found one that goes with our vanity, but it's very pricey {between $489-$500...yikes}!
Design Element Contemporary Linen Four Drawer Cabinet

Most likely, I will be hunting around for a similar cabinet that costs MUCH less, but hopefully looks just as great.

And I can't end this post without announcing that it is someone special's birthday today!  This little guy is the big 0-5 today!

I can't wait to treat this cute fluff ball to some kitty-like birthday cake {aka - tuna...his favorite}!


  1. The glass really does make the space look open! Maybe it's just the picture but to me it looks like the doorknob would touch the glass when the door is open. I'd be afraid of accidentally breaking the surround by opening the door too fast!
    And a big Happy Birthday to Perny!!

  2. No need to worry about that! We have a doorstop on the hinge of the door that stops it from swinging open too wide. :)

  3. Wow! The bathroom looks great!! I love the frameless glass! And Happy Birthday to the kitty!

  4. That looks awesome! Love a giant shower :)

  5. I want to live in your bathroom! It looks so great! You could probably find a nice but cheap cabinet similar to that one at Ikea. I was looking at their bathroom cabinets yesterday ;)

  6. Awwww, look at that fluff ball! Your bathroom is beautiful! I love how open and clean it feels. And that shower is huge! Thanks for stopping by the blog earlier!

  7. The shower is looking GREAT!

    And happy birthday to your cutie kitty!

  8. Thanks Diana! We love the frameless glass too!!

    Thank you, Justine! Having such a giant shower is more smashing my elbows into the walls or getting the shower curtain stuck to me! Woohoo!

    Aw, thanks so much Ashley! Yea, I actually found one on Overstock and one on Home Decorators. I wish Ikea was closer to me so I could check it out too. I'm determined to hunt something down hehe.

    Thanks Amy! So glad you stopped by too!!

    Thank you so much, Brandi! :)

  9. what color is on your bathroom walls????

  10. I love it!! That's the same frameless look we're wanting! Our layout is different, but your space is sooo pretty!

  11. WOW! The frameless shower glass was a wonderful idea. I guess it emphasized the spaciousness of the room. Whatever the cost is, it's worth it! :) There are still many work to do since you have a lot of space, unless you want it to look plain. I hope you were able to find a cabinet similar to that but cheaper. Take care and keep the blog updated!

    Chet Johnston

    1. Yes, it was definitely worth it! We have done a lot in there since this's really come together!