Monday, February 27, 2012

Thank You, Pinterest!!

Ahhhh, thanks to my Pinterest obsession, I was able to finally purchase a sunburst {sunburst, starburst...whichever term you prefer} mirror!  Woo-to-the-hoooo!!

These mirrors have been all the rage for quite some time now.  I know some people may say the trend is dying, but for me, it's still going strong.  It's like the chevron stripe, I just can't get sick of it!

Anywho, there are so many different sunburst mirrors out there, and a lot of them are quite pricey.  To combat this, I've seen many bloggers get crafty and DIY their own.  I was heavily considering that option, but my to-do list around the house is a mile long..and every item on it is wayyyy more important than crafting some decor to hang on the walls.  That left me with no other choice besides drooling over the ones I'd come across in blogland, and hoping/praying that Joss and Main or One Kings Lane would have a super inexpensive mirror that didn't sell out within minutes.

That is until my trusty Pinterest iPhone app came in handy.  You see, I am constantly perusing {or "exploring" if you want to get technical} "all" pins on my iPhone, and I happened to come across a sunburst mirror Saturday night.  I clicked on it and read that it was a popular pin flying around the site, probably because it revealed a pretty 30" x 30" mirror available at Home Depot for only $35!!!  H-E-L-L-O!  That is about 1/3 of the price that the inexpensive mirrors usually are!  I quickly clicked out of Pinterest, entered my Safari app and went to Home Depot's site.  I searched for the mirror, saw there were 2 in stock at my local store and placed a "Pick Up At Store" order for this purty little lady...

Including tax, my sunburst mirror cost me $37.42!  That low cost + zero minutes to make it = winning combo for me!  Now, I just have to decide where to hang it.  Living/dining room?  Bedroom?  Hmmm.

And on to more pressing matters...I realize that I am so far behind on posting the progress that we've made from my parent's visit.  This is because of several things: 

1)  They are still here and leave tomorrow morning.  So while they are here, I tend to spend every second I can with them, and therefore forget to take pictures of things we complete. 

2)  The things we finished can't be photographed without showing things that are not done...and I don't want to reveal stuff that isn't yet completed.  For example...

- The basement has been painted for about a week, but I haven't finished purging and cleaning it out yet. 
- Our Craigslisted furniture is finally painted {the last piece probably got it's final coat this morning...thanks Mom!!}, but none of it has any hardware installed.  I wasn't planning on re-using the old stuff, and I have not been able to find suitable replacements yet.  Apparently, the center-to-center spread on these pieces is uncommon, and it's making my search quite difficult! 
- All of the blinds have been hung in our living/dining room, but we can't show those until we get our curtains up.
- Our curtains are done, but the company who sent us the curtain rod supports, messed up and didn't send 2 sets.  They only sent one, and did not include the center support...which is crucial when you are trying to span a distance of over 120 inches.  We have some major sag going on in the middle of our picture window right now.  It is not cute, just like sagging in the 1990's wasn't cute either...

Hopefully my ridiculous babble gives you a little insight as to why I am so scatterbrained lately.  I keep putting off my "reveal" posts in hopes that I can show you things when they are 100% complete...but because these projects are done in real time, progress isn't lightening fast.  So please, bear with me.  Fingers crossed for some reveal posts by the end of the week! :)


  1. That's an awesome price on the mirror! I understand you want to get everything done before your reveal posts! You guys have been soooo busy! I can't wait to see it all!! :)

    1. Yea, I was very thrilled with the price! Thanks for understanding! :)

  2. Great deal on the mirror!! Can't wait to see all that you guys have done! Sounds like you've been super busy!

    1. Yea we I need to get super busy on the computer so I can show everything! :)

  3. Great deal on the mirror! I really want a sunburst mirror too and I already have a place picked out for it. Cant wait to see what you've been working on! I totally understand waiting to reveal things until after they are done.

    1. I'm telling you...check this one out if you have a Home Depot near you!! It's such a great price compared to the others I've seen!

      Thanks for understanding too! :)

  4. Very nice! You can't beat that price with a stick. Looking forward to the big reveal! Woo hooo!