Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Our Master Bedroom - The Billionth Reveal.

Ohhhhh, our master bedroom.  It's the room in our home that has never felt quite right to me.  I've painted (and re-painted...and re-painted again), stenciled, swapped out furniture (twice), rearranged the placement multiple times and made poor hubby mount and un-mount our TV too many times.  Every time I thought I'd be "done", I just felt unsettled.  And that is NOT a feeling you want for the space you are supposed to unwind in every night.  Finally, after "refreshing" it for probably almost two years, I'm finally feeling content.  And before the feeling fades, I figured I should get some pictures posted to show the "reveal".

There are a few things that help "make" the room for me...

1) My gloss-on-matte stenciled wall now competes with our hallway for my favorite stencil project, ever.  I love the statement made by the subtle pattern.  You can purchase the stencil from Sarah's Etsy shop here.

2) My fabulous pillows!!  If you are searching for a great pillow source, you have to check out Priscilla's Etsy shop, MotifPillows.  She has the best stuff!  Her radiant orchid and animal print covers worked so well with the older aqua pillows I found at Target.

3) The stunning Lamps Plus sconces that now flank our bed.  I'm no stranger to Lamps Plus.  I purchased a few items for our home from their website when we completed the major reno of our first level.  In fact, one of the most common email questions I receive is where to find our master bedroom ceiling fan/light combo.  (And in case you are now wondering, it's the 52" Casa Optima White Flower Ceiling Fan.)

Lamps Plus has the most amazing selection to look through.  I can (and have) spent hours browsing their options.  And the minute I laid eyes on our brass beauties, I knew they would be perfect for our room.  They have me smitten!

4) Our Rugs USA Windsor Overdyed Grove Rug in violet.  I already knew I had a soft spot for this rug.  Quite some time ago, I purchased the turquoise version to for our living room.  It created the perfect pop of color in that space, and when I realized I wanted to make a similar statement in our bedroom, I knew where to look.  I headed back to the RugsUSA site to find a pinky-purple version of the overdyed rug.  It's like it was made for our space!

Now, fingers crossed this will be the last "reveal" for quite some time. ;)


  1. But... I like the "reveals" :( Alison

  2. I can not do a decent gallery wall to save my life. It always looks too matchy matchy. Do a tutorial on how to make a curated gallery wall puh-leeeez?!

  3. Oh my god! i'm so glad i found your blog. i'm obsessed with your style!! we just moved into our first home - a ranch, this summer. I am so inspired by all your posts!!!!!
    XO Ellen from Ask Away

  4. Thanks for sharing your remodel. I am about six to nine months out from moving back to the U.S. and buying my own fixer upper. I love all things having to do with low cost - high impact remodels!! So, I've binge read your posts lol.

    1. So glad you are enjoying our fixer upper! :) Good luck with yours in the future!!