Friday, August 7, 2015

DIY Jewelry Organizer - Tutorial.

I really shouldn't even call this post a "tutorial".  A couple people asked how I created my jewelry organizer, and I'm more than happy to share...but please don't be surprised that I winged whole project!!

Step 1: Buy a piece of MDF from Home Depot.

Step 2: Spray paint it with my favorite spray primer as I was priming a few other projects.

Step 3: After it's dry, let it lean up against your master bedroom wall for over a year while you put the project off.

Step 4: Keep your beloved jewelry in a massive pile on a tray in your bedroom.

Step 5: Get super fed up contending with a jumbled jewelry mess every day.

Step 6: Untangle all your necklaces and sort based on similar styles/lengths.

Step 7: Lay jewelry out on the MDF and play around until you like the placement.

Step 8: Get out tape measure and pretend like you are going to use it.

Step 9: Forget said tape measure and decide to just eyeball the placement.  Using a ballpoint pen, mark the spot where you need to drill pilot holes for the cup hooks you will later screw in.

Step 10: Drill pilot holes.

Step 11: Find a leftover gallon of white satin paint in the basement and apply two coats.  Allow to dry overnight.

Step 12: Get out your painters tape and start winging a design.  Decide you don't need to use a tape measure here either...just your eyeballs and a couple widths of tape will do.

Step 13: Get out the X-Acto knife and remove superfluous pieces of tape in your design.

Step 14: Whine like a big baby because being bent over doing all that taping hurt your back like no other.  Then suck it up and paint the white paint over your design to minimize bleed through.

Step 15: Use your favorite gold spray paint to paint to coat your design, the cup hooks, curtain rod bracket and metal strip you will later attach.

Step 16: Remove the painters tape while the paint is fairly wet so nothing rips the paint off.

Step 17: Hate your project because there are paint splatters all over that you didn't notice while spraying, but are VERY obvious now that it's dry. (Note - do not spray paint in the evening light.)

Step 18: Attach cup hooks and hang some necklaces while praying it looks a little better.

Step 18a: That didn't work so attach bracelet bar and earring holder hoping they'll distract from the ugly splatters.  Nope, still ugly.

Step 18b: Throw yourself a mini-pity party.

Step 18c: Use the non-tape-measure method and drill more pilot holes into your board because more necklaces hanging = less ugly board showing.  You will definitely like the project then.  WRONG.

Step 19: Wave the white flag and realize you need to start back at step out your design.

Step 20: Spray paint another coat, or two, of paint over your project...and now fall in love.

Step 21: Remove the tape while the spray paint is still semi-wet.

Step 22: Touch up any small areas where the white paint lifted with the tape.

Step 23: Spray a matte clear coat over the whole board to protect your project that you now love. Also, spray your hooks, curtain rod bracket and metal strip for the earrings.

Step 24: Reattach cup hooks, bracelet bar and earring holder

Step 25: Arrange your jewelry in a way that makes your heart happy, and thank the Lord this project can be crossed off your to-do list!!!

Optional step-

Step 26: Wonder how long it will take you to actually hang it on the wall instead of just leaning it up against the wall.

PS-the bracelet bar is made out of left over materials from my DIY lucite curtain rods, and the earring holder is made from a metal strip I picked up at the hardware store.  I simply drilled 3 screws halfway into the board, dabbed some gorilla glue onto each screw and positioned the metal strip on top.  Then I secured the strip in place with painters tape while the glue dried.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Our Rancher: Before & After - The Guest/Hall Bath.

This before and after is a little tough to illustrate.  Our former hall/guest bath was tight.  The doorway was narrow...the vanity was too big for the space.  It was from the 1950's and not comfortable to use.

Our master bath was even worse.  It was also original to the house, much smaller, had a sink too small to ever wash your face in, the shower was leaking...and, well, I'm pretty sure you could be sitting on the toilet AND washing your hands at the same time.

So yay for having two bathrooms (we previously only had one), but booooooooo that neither worked for us.  Thankfully, they backed up to each other, and were right next to a master bedroom closet.

Here is the floorplan before:

(1) – Stairs to the Basement
(2) – Hallway Coat Closet
(3) – Linen Closet #1
(4) – Linen Closet #2
(5) – Main Bath
(6) – Master Bath
(7) – Bedroom #1 Closet
(8) – Bedroom #2 Closet
(9) – Bedroom #3 Closet
(10) – Master Bedroom Closet #1
(11) – Master Bedroom Closet #2

And here is it is after we combined the two bathrooms and stole a little bit of master bedroom closet #1:

(1) – Stairs to the Basement
(2) – Hallway Coat Closet
(3) – Linen Closet #1
(4) – Linen Closet #2
(5) – Main Bath
(6) – Bedroom #1 Closet
(7) – Bedroom #2 Closet
(8) – My Closet (Master Bedroom Closet #1)
(9) – Hubby’s Closet (Master Bedroom Closet #2)
(10) – Master Bathroom
(11) – Master Bedroom Closet #3

Hopefully those explanations and floor plans can help you visualize the transformation below.  And considering our renovations were done on a tight budget, I think this bath turned out great!!

Bye-bye 1950's....

I love how spacious this bathroom is now!

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Friday, May 15, 2015

Our Rancher: Before & After - The Hallway.

I'm sure some of you are thinking that a hallway does not deserve it's own "before and after" post...especially in our humble ranch.  In many homes, they are merely a walkway to get from point A to point B.  And while that is true, our view has changed quite a bit from when we signed on the dotted line.

Removing a few walls, adding some pot lights and a stencil (or two) has definitely improved our modest hall.  I still have manyyy picture frames to hang here before I can call this "complete", but it's getting there.

Not too bad, huh?  I can't wait to share our guest bedrooms and bath!

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Monday, May 11, 2015

Our Rancher: Before & After - The Fireplace.

At first glance, you'd think our fireplace was hopeless.  It was like the rest of our house...depressing, drab and outdated.  I was just thankful to have a fireplace and knew, with a little effort, it wouldn't be so bad!

Truth be told, I'm hoping this isn't a true "after" for you guys.  I dream of installing a gas insert, and maybe a bit more trim.  It's already become one of my favorite focal points in our great room, but I know in my heart it can get even better!!

With a little paint and a lot of courage (to tackle my first tiling job), our fireplace went from bleh to beautiful!

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Thursday, May 7, 2015

Our Rancher: Before & After - The Kitchen.

Sorry for the mini-break I took to reveal my DIY jewelry organizer...but it's back to the before and afters! (Insert round of applause here.)

This series has been a blast to put together!  I hope you guys are enjoying it too.  If you've missed the intro, part one, part two or part three, make sure you catch up!

Now it's time to show how our dark, closed-off kitchen became a bright light in our home.  I may have mentioned before that I'm so ready to overhaul our 1954 cabinets...but until we a) hit the lottery, or b) save up the funds, I, at least, have a pretty kitchen to look at. ;)

Our kitchen hasn't changed a whole lot since I revealed the renovation, right after we moved in,so here's a little refresher...

We couldn't afford a new kitchen, so I made it look as new as possible.  We painted the cabinets, added new hardware, ripped out the linoleum and continued hardwoods throughout. We removed the restaurant booth (yes, I said restaurant booth) and used the cabinet from the back side of it to create an island.  We also added lighting, new appliances, a new backsplash and countertops.  It made a world of difference, and I couldn't believe how great our 1954 kitchen looked.

What do you think...should we have just kept the old look?! ;)

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

DIY Jewelry Organizer.

Today I'm taking a little break from our before and after series to show off a project I wrapped up not too long ago.  Don't worry, it'll be back soon...showing off our 1954 cabinets, in all their painted glory!

If you follow my Instagram account, it's no surprise to you that I love jewelry.  I'm a huge fan of the statement necklace and I have wayyyy more than is necessary for just one person.

Here's a snap shot of my current collection, and embarrassingly enough, this is after I purged 2/3 of what I used to have.

Since we moved into our house a few years ago, I've slowly been making my way through different areas of our home and clearing it out!  I've focused my attention on my closet and jewelry more times than I want to admit, and each time, I still found a ton to sell/donate/toss.

Now I'm not announcing that I'm on my way to becoming a's just not in the cards for this girl (although I so wish I could do it!!), but I do find something incredibly therapeutic about cleaning up and clearing out unnecessary material possessions.  For me, it frees up space in both our house and my mind.  And hopefully what I've left myself with is a collection of things I actually use, actually want and actually love.

Then it's time to organize said things.

When it comes to my clothing, jewelry and shoes, if I don't see it, I won't wear it.  I need visual access to my wardrobe to keep it fresh in my mind.  This is probably definitely because I have too much clothing, and therefore can't remember all of my options.  What happens then?  I wear 20% of my wardrobe 80% of the time.  (FYI, I'm well aware this is a first world problem and I sound like a huge brat right now.  I'm hanging my head in shame as I type...)

So when it came time to create a jewelry organizer, I knew I needed to see it all.  And since this organizer was going to be hung on a wall in our bedroom, I needed the display to somewhat double as art.

Throughout the process of this DIY, I had mixed emotions about how it was turning out.  Thankfully, I stayed the course, kept patient and it all worked out!  I really love the statement it makes against our dark walls and the immediate access to all of my pretty, sparkly things. ;)

Stay tuned for the wing-it-as-I-go tutorial!  And let's take bets on how long it takes me to actually hang this on my wall. ;)  We all know how I feel about hanging things...UGH!


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Monday, May 4, 2015

Our Rancher: Before & After - The Dining Room.

I've talked about the inspiration behind this little series, posted part one, posted part two and now it's time for the dining room.  Like our living room, this space needed less walls, new windows, no more shag and some serious lighting.

I'm sure you can guess the next stop will be the kitchen! ;)

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Our Rancher: Before & After - The Living Room.

The curb appeal and entrance were certainly not the only areas of our home that needed a total overhaul.  In part two of my little "before and after" series, it's all about the living room portion of our great room.  The wall...the outdated doors...the old windows...the shag all had to go!

If you missed the intro and part one of the series, you can catch up here and here.  Next up is our dining room "then and now"!

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Our Rancher: Before & After - The Entrance.

I know the title reads "before and after", but the series of posts coming your way are truly more of a "then and now".  Why is that?  Well because I'm never done re-decorating and styling our home. I mean, you already heard my dreams to renovate our 1954 cabinetry.  Yes, one day I will see my kitchen dreams come to life!!  But, anyway, I digress...

Back to the fun stuff...the transformation thus far!!

Our home was a little...ummmm...frightening when we bought it.  "Hot mess" is a phrase that also came to mind.

Ahhhh, our diamond in the rough!  Our home was so far from welcoming.  We took it from dark, overgrown, stained, cramped and closed off to happy, light and bright!

Much better, don't you think?!?

Next up...the living room portion of our "great room"!

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Our Rancher: Before & After.

Quite often I find myself daydreaming about changing/fixing/renovating aspects of our beloved home. If hubby had it his way, we'd re-side the place, add some stone detail and take care of our cracking front steps.  I don't mind the charm of our 1950's wood siding and focus my thoughts on things inside our house.  I'd love to install a gas insert in our fireplace and finish our icky basement...but mostly, I dream of renovating our kitchen.  Don't get me wrong, our kitchen has come so far from it's dark beginning!  We fixed it up as best we could, with the budget we had.  I love it's charm, but hate it's function.  Unfortunately, the original 1954 cabinets are showing their age and I find myself planning a kitchen reno that might not happen for quite some time.

It's so easy to get caught up in all the work left on the to-do list, that I like to remind myself of just how far we've come.

And our ranch has come a long way, baby!  The first time we laid eyes on it, I saw potential...and hubby saw a nightmare.  Actually, I think his exact reaction involved letting out a few expletives and a refusal to even tour the whole house.

It was dark, closed off and smelled.  The kitchen and baths were original to the 1954 house...and the master bath was leaking and no bigger than a postage stamp.  BUT, it had potential.

It was a 4 bedroom house in a neighborhood of mostly 3 bedrooms.

If we removed all the walls, we'd have a perfect open layout.  

If we combined the two bathrooms into one, we'd have a huge hall bathroom to accommodate guests and future kiddos.  

If we closed off the third bedroom, I could create a great master ensuite.

If we refinished the original hardwoods, they'd look like new.

If we replaced all the doors and windows, it'd update the look and efficiency of the old home.

If we replaced the roof, we'll be good for the next 25 years.

If we threw a fresh coat of paint on, well,'d look like a million bucks.

If, if, if...

For a house that was priced way too high considering it's condition, I was throwing around a whole lot of if's.  BUT, the price dropped...and the day it went down, I made sure we were there to see it.

Thankfully, hubby trusted the vision and the house was ours.  We bought our green monster.

My next few posts will be a "then and now" series showing our home when we bought it and how it looks now.  I started this series on Instagram (#RRRbeforeandafter) and loved it so much, that I couldn't help but want to post it to the blog too!  I hope you guys enjoy it as much as I do! :)

Now, what renovations are you guys daydreaming about?!