Wednesday, November 2, 2011

At Least Our Tile Showed Up!

Well we may not have an electrician (for reasons I will not mention in this post, but believe me...I feel like we should be on a TV show), but our tile delivery from Floor and Decor Outlets arrived yesterday!  I'm pleasantly surprised that we received them so fast considering we just placed the order on Thursday.

And our awesome delivery man nicely left the pallet of tiles outside of our garage after I explained to him that our sub-contractor didn't show up (for the 3rd day in a row), so no one would be there to sign for the delivery.

It took me and my hubby about 5 minutes to unwrap and move all of the tile boxes from the pallet outside to our garage floor.  I knew tile was heavy, but WOW, I was shocked at how much these boxes weighed.  I couldn't even lift the 12" x 24" tile boxes.  The best I could do was the 16" x 16" tiles.

{Please forgive my super dark pictures...we still have no power and we were moving things in the dark.}

Ready and waiting to be installed!

And thank goodness, only one box of tiles (that we could tell from just moving them) was damaged during shipping.  I'm glad I ordered 10% extra of everything!

Broken box and tiles from shipping.

Another broken box, but the tiles survived.

Now if we could only get the electrician to show we could eventually get an electrical inspection...and then get the walls sheetrocked...and then lay the tiles that were just delivered...and then finally get a functioning bathroom back in the house!  Ohhh the joys of the renovation process.

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