Monday, November 14, 2011

Odds and Ends

Nothing with a crazy amount of visual impact has been happening at the house for the past week {as shown in my previous posts here and here}.  The electricians have taken over the place and made steady progress.  They are supposed to finish up the last of their rough electrical work today, since our inspection is scheduled for tomorrow morning. 

On Thursday and Friday, our contractor managed to stay out of the electrician's way, and crossed a couple odds and ends off the to-do list.

The old pot lights and venting fan were removed, and new pot lights put in.

Another view.

The old hallway was light removed, and new pot lights were installed.

New light switches were installed on our island.

Outlets were installed on our island.

New switches were installed by the front door.

The rotting trim was replaced under the front door.

And again.

Fascia was wrapped in aluminum and the soffit vents were installed.

Trim was installed around the garage entry door.

Drywall was put up in some areas of the master bedroom.

And in keeping with the theme of odds and ends, the hubby and I arrived at the house this weekend with no major project to tackle.  Instead, Pete focused on taking care of the millions of leaves on our property and I was determined to remove the ugly chicken wire from the lower half of our screened-in porch.  Not only was it ugly, but it was keeping us from being able to re-paint the porch, and kiss that moldy green color good-bye!

Partially through the first side of the chicken wire.
Was not pleased to see that this is how they took care of securing the corners.

Closer view of all the nails and rusted staples holding the two layers of chicken wire up.

After lots of patience and a major case of claw hands from holding the hammer and screw driver for a couple hours, the chicken wire is no more!  I would have posted a picture of my final product, but you can't see a difference in pictures.  To get the full effect, you'd have to see it with your own two eyes{and I know all four of you who read this are just dyingggg to come over and see it...kidding}.

When I wrapped up my porch project, I wanted to remove two of the duct covers so I could bring them to Home Depot and get more attractive, better functioning versions.  Well, I can't even begin to describe how skeeved out I was by the dirt found in our ducts.
These photos help to argue my case as to why I do not want to turn the heat on until we are done with construction and have a proper duct cleaning.  I can't help but wonder when the last time the ducts were cleaned out.  And I know we've created a good amount of dust from our reno, but what I found in there looks like years of neglect.

Yuck.  I do not want to breathe this in!

Close up of the duct cover and screw hole.
Gross screw when I removed it.
Close up.

One cover off.

So nasty.

Close up.

Duct opening.

Close up of what the inside of our duct looks like.  SO DISGUSTING!!!

And clearly I can't end my post on that nasty here is one of our holly trees in the setting sun...with it's berries starting to show!


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