Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Taking Shape...

In my earlier post, I mentioned that I could not wait to see what our master suite would look like once the framing was covered in drywall.  Well I must say, I am loving what I see so far!!

View from our master bedroom towards our master closets and into the master bath.

View from the master bedroom towards my closet.

View into my closet...4 ft. x 7 ft.

View from the master towards my hubby's closet.

View into my hubby's closet...3 ft., 2 in. x 7 ft.

View towards our master shower and my closet.

View towards the master bath vanity area and Pete's closet.

View from the hallway, showing the original 3rd bedroom's door, now closed off.

The areas are tight, so it's hard photograph and get a real feel for everything, but believe me when I say it looks great!  We're so excited!! 


  1. Wow! Things are looking great! I love that your closet is just a smidge bigger than your hubbys. :o)


  2. Thanks Diana! I love it too...hehehe!