Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Let There Be Light!

Okay, maybe we haven't gotten that far yet...but at least our new electricians showed up this week!

The hubby and I stopped at our house Monday after work to check on the progress made through the first day.  We flipped on the hallway light and all we saw was darkness.  Dohhhh!  We didn't realize that the electricians would leave the power to our house off over night.  Thanks to Pete's iPhone flashlight, we were able to make out some wires hanging from the ceiling above.  {Turning the clocks back = pitch black entirely too early.}

Tuesday we went back to the house during the light of day so we could get a better view.  I was able to take a couple pictures, but of course, looking at some dangling wires is nothing to get your heart racing.

Recessed lighting in the living room...still needs to be wired for our ceiling fan.

The two guest bedrooms were wired for ceiling fan/light combos.

Wiring for the master bedroom recessed lighting and ceiling fan.

Master suite wiring.  So excited to have lights in our closets!

Another view of the master bedroom wiring.
Hopefully the electricians were able to wrap up their work today.  We were praying to get an electrical inspection done either tomorrow, or Friday the latest, but that's not happening.  Apparently our town is just "soooooo swamped" {yes, that's a direct quote}, and the earliest someone can come to our house is Tuesday.

That means major delays for us.  Without the inspection, our contractor cannot close in the walls, put down the floors, put in the bath fixtures, and so on.  Big Snookie wahhhhh for that!  Oh well, delays are the name of the game in the construction world!

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