Thursday, November 10, 2011

Slow and Steady Wins the Race

The electricians have been making a lot of progress at the house this week, but they are still not done with everything.  Judging by their to-do list we saw scribbled on a random piece of seems as though they will be there for at least another day or two.  There is no way they could have finished our job in three days as originally promised.  Drum roll please.....

...therefore, I officially take back being annoyed that our town couldn't schedule the electrical inspection until Tuesday.

This all goes back to me and my hubby's favorite saying....everything happens for a reason.  We were so frustrated that the inspection was going to delay progress, but now we know why we couldn't get an earlier inspection...we just wouldn't have been ready.  Then we would have had to re-schedule...and we could have ended up with an inspection date even later than Tuesday.  So, my sincerest apologies to the "I'm annoyed at life" Gods out there.

When we stopped by the house last night, we were happy to see the the power was turned back on in the house...although only 2 lights (the main kitchen light and the old main bath light) still remained and were able to be turned on.  This brings me to my typical apology...dark house = awful pictures.

And if electrical wiring isn't your thing, the following pictures might lull you to sleep.  For us, these pictures make our heart skip a beat because it means we are

View of the new high hats and ceiling fan wiring in the living room area.

View from the dining room area back towards the front door.

View from the living room down the hallway.

View from the kitchen of the new area for light switches in the hallway.

New areas for high hats and light switches in the hallway.

No more old school sconce in the hallway...replaced by new high hat.

Our house is a disaster from the electricians.

Main bath wiring...light switches, fans, high hats, vanity lighting, etc.

Main bath again.

Mess from the electricians in the master bedroom....oh, and the old toilet from the demo.  Still there even though over a month has passed.

Rough ins for fan and high hats for the new master bath.


  1. You know what, it's a disaster, but it will look fabulous when you're done! Thanks so much for stopping by our blog today. :) I'll be sure to check back in to see how things progress.

  2. Wow! Looks like some progress is being made but if I were you I'd be TOTALLY stressed out.