Friday, November 18, 2011

Piece By Piece

Yesterday was quite the busy day at our casa.

Our contractor, his son and his worker spent most of the day insulating and drywalling our garage ceiling.  The plumbers came back to set the main bath's tub in place and to prep our master bath's shower floor.

Our countertop template guy even made an appearance.  To prep for him, our contractor removed our old countertop and sink, and also put the island cabinet and small cabinet in place.  These things were required by the countertop company so our template would be accurate.

{You know the drill...some of the pictures are crazy dark. We have two working lights in the house, and they are both in the kitchen.  Sorryyyyyyy for the poor picture quality!}

No more ugly countertops.

Island cabinetry in place.

Love this!

Sink, no more.  Yes, the inside of our cabintry is aqua.  It'll make more sense down the road, when things aren't so ugly in here.

We have a tub!

Starting to put the pieces together.

Master shower floor.

They removed the drywall on this area...not sure why.

Maybe they had to move some things after dry fitting our vanity???  We noticed our master bath vanity hanging out in the living room.

Dark picture of our drywalled/insulated garage ceiling.

More dark pictures of our drywalled ceiling.

Duct and other side of the garage not yet drywalled.

Close up.

Edges of the drywall are busted up right here.

And it's a good thing we are replacing our garage doors.  We noticed it was a bit drafty in the garage...ahhh, that's because they broke several windows in the garage door.

Piece by piece our house is starting to come together.  It's such an amazing and rewarding feeling to see the plans, that once existed only in our minds, start to take shape and become real. 


  1. I am always so intimidated by huge projects like this...for me, cleaning out the hall closet is a feat. You guys are brave!

    ~Stop Me if You've Heard This One

  2. Thank you! Believe me...we were both wonder what we were getting ourselves into when we started the process, but we just keep telling ourselves it will be so worth it in the end!

    Thanks for stopping by! :)