Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Final Answer

In one of my prior posts "Decisions, Decisions" I talked about how I was undecided as to what direction to take my backsplash...plain white subway tiles, or subway tiles with a row of glass tile to accent our color scheme.  {If we could afford it, we'd do an entire backsplash of glass tile, but it's just not in the budget for this reno.  Boooo.}

Well my decision has been made, and yes it's my final answer.

Originally, the glass tile I was considering was this...the Tao Beach Glass Tile from Glass Tile Store.com.

I ordered a sample of it a long time ago and fell in love.  It's absolutely beautiful, but something was throwing me off with how it looked next to the 3 x 6 subway tile. 

On a whim, I decided to order another glass tile sample that could be a possible contender for our backsplash accent.  It is the Vittoria Brick Mosaic Glass Tile from Floor & Decor Outlets.com.

This tile mimics the shape and layout of the subway tiles we are using for the backsplash.  When we put the sample of it next to our subway tile sample, we were sold.  The two types of tile just flowed together.  {FYI, the tile reads much more blue in person.  On my computer screen it seems to be very green.  Also, ignore the area where I put a grey box over our contractor's information.}

Plus, this tile is only $8.99/sq. ft. compared to the Tao Beach Tile which was $14.95/sq. ft.; it is not often that we love the cheaper option!!

In other news, our electrician still has not shown up at the house.  Saturday...no show.  Monday...no show.  And today...no show.  My hubby and I went over to the house during lunch to see if there was anyone working.  Of course, there were no cars in the driveway, no workers in the house and no evidence that anyone had been there earlier in the day.

Holy frustrated and disappointed.  S@#lsd%1kds&kd%sldf$!!!!!!!!!


  1. I love the tile you chose; it's such a pretty color! I have been debating whether to do subway tile or not for a backsplash whenever we redo our kitchen but I have a while to decide haha

    I hope your electrician didn't take your money and run. Have you tried to call him yet?

  2. It must be vacation week for contractors. Same here... no show on Monday, today they showed up sometime after 1 and left before 5. Frustrated beyond words.

  3. Debbie...thank you! I'm a huge fan of subway tile. We even decided to use it in our master shower too! And our electrician definitely didn't take our money and run. He hasn't gotten a dime yet because he has done no work to date. Hopefully our GC finds a new electrician or gets this one to show up and do his job. I'm at my wits end!

    Jackee...I feel your pain. This week has been super rough and it's only Hump Day!

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