Friday, November 4, 2011

Broken Record

Do I sound like a broken record yet?  Yup that's right...who guessed it?!?!  Our electrician didn't show, AGAIN.

Thankfully, our GC reached out to another electrician who said he'd start Monday morning.  Hopefully, this electrician means business because he promised to bring in a crew, and stay for 3 solid days to get everything done.

We are supposed to meet with him tomorrow to go over everything we need done, just like we did with the previous electrician last week.  I don't mind going through anything a second time...if it means we will get the work done!

Our GC also dropped off a shingle sample for me and the hubby to take a look at.  He is scheduled to bring a crew in tomorrow to do a complete tear off, and new roof installation for us.  {Fingers crossed he shows!!!}

Pete and I had previously gone to the GAF website to look at the different colors the Timberline HD shingles come in.  We narrowed our choices down to two options...the Oyster Gray and the Weathered Wood. 

Oyster Gray...image from here
Weathered Wood...image from here

We let our GC know that those were our two top choices based on the website, so he dropped off a sample that featured the Oyster Gray.

Oyster Gray shingle sample
All of the other color options lined the top of the large sample.  The Weathered Wood is the one in the middle shown here. 

Before seeing the samples in person, I was leaning towards the gray and my hubby was leaning towards the wood.  My parents (who have the Weathered Wood on their home) said both options were very neutral and we couldn't go wrong with either one.

We made the decision to go with Pete's choice of the Weathered Wood.  It is a nice neutral, and the tones in it will warm the house up a bit since we have a gray-ish roof on now.  We also could see, since these are dimensional shingles, there are even some gray tones in the Weathered Wood.

I can't wait to see how our little rancher looks with a new roof.  And it doesn't hurt that we won't need to worry about it's integrity during every storm from here on out!  Maaaajor sigh of relief! 

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