Friday, December 2, 2011

The 1990's Called...

The hubby and I stopped at the house on the way home from work last night to take in some more progress at the casa.  Nothing too crazy had changed since we had stopped in during our lunch hour.  The only things big enough to report....the spackle crew is officially done, the basement window is complete, we had some light bulbs screwed into the hallway high hats {we have no light switch to turn them off yet...hmmmm}, and more doors were hung. 

Basement window all done.

Let there be light!  View from the master bedroom towards the living area.

View towards bedroom #2 and the master bedroom.

View from the living room area towards the bedrooms...we have hallway lights! :)

New family/main bathroom door.  Much wider than before...woohooo!

We have closet and bathroom doors in the ensuite!

My closet doors.

Hubby's closet doors.
Hoorayyy for having some bathroom and closets doors!  BOOOOO for the brass hinges on all of the doors.  Ummm, the 1990's called, and they want all their brass back. 

When doors were discussed with our contractor, I made sure that he knew we wanted brushed nickel finishes on all the doors.  I picked out all brushed nickel for our exterior doors, and when he ordered our interior doors, I thought he knew.  Luckily, when Pete asked how difficult it'd be to switch everything out to suit our preference, he said it'd be no big deal.  He said he figured we'd be going for a more modern look and he just used the brass to get everything hung and in place.  Hmmm, sounds like he just created twice the work for himself, but whatever floats his boat!  As long as we don't end up with brass on our new doors, I'm good to go!

And don't get me wrong....I love lots of finishes!  Chrome, brushed nickel, oil-rubbed bronze, gold {if done tastefully}....but I just can't get on board will brass.  Yuck!!!


  1. Everything looks great!!! I cant wait to see it!!

  2. Looks fantastic. Minus the brass of course. I'm with you there. Perphaps the contractor thinks you guys will be changing them after you move in - in which case he's right - no big deal...for him. haha. Have you picked paint yet?

  3. Don't feel bad, I hate brass too.

    I hate gold as well though and most oil-rubbed bronze - but I love brushed nickel, so awesome choice!

  4. I never even though about what door knobs and hinges looked like until I started reading blogs. Now I'm seriously bothered by the brass. Good call on getting something different from the start!

    Definitely good progress being made at the house too. It's starting to look liveable!

  5. Thanks Katie!!! :)

    Thanks Diana! I'm actually in the process of picking paint colors. I know the general color scheme I'm going for...but now it's nailing down the specific ones. I should have them all set and going up on the walls this week. I'm hoping I have the bathrooms figured out and up before the fixtures go in on Thursday. {It'll be much easier to paint without the vanities, toilets and lights in the way haha.} I'll keep you updated!

    Thanks for the reassurance Melanie! :)

    Thanks so much Brandi! It's getting there...once we have a bathroom back, it'll be much more liveable!

  6. He's a decent contractor. If he had ordered your doors with brushed nickel hardware it would have substantially increased your cost. This way he buys some brushed nickel hinges in bulk and cuts your costs. Even though it creates some more work for him. He's a keeper!!!