Friday, December 9, 2011


Thankfully, things are a changin' in our house!  The fugly wall colors...the disgustingly gross backsplash residue...the dirty trim and ceiling...they are all being transformed to reflect me and my hubby's style.

A pretty grey replaced the golden yellow that was in the living/dining room area of our home.  And now that I know I'm in love with the paint color, I'm going to continue it down the hallway, toward the bedrooms and bathrooms.  {It's hard to capture the true color of the walls on my camera while we have weird lighting all over and it's so dark outside.  Hopefully I'll have better pictures to come in the future.  It's a warm, soothing grey....I'm obsessed!}

Two different beige-ish colors are going in the main/family bath.  We are putting thick horizontal stripes across the walls.  For now, we have the lighter of the two colors up on the wall.  Hopefully the second color will go up soon!

The walls of our bath/shower unit are finally starting to go up!!

In our master bath I managed to match a light aqua color perfectly to the accent tile that runs through our shower.  It's soft and watery, and will look awesome once we get our dark vanity and mirror in there.

And last, but not least...our subway tile backsplash is starting to go up in the kitchen!  No more old, heinous glue to stare at!  The small section on our island has not been tiled yet, and the grouting isn't done either, but it still looks a million times better than it used to!

Word on the street is that our microwave will be delivered tomorrow.  That means our contractor can remove that old vent hood and retrofit the cabinet above it to fit our over-the-range microwave.

And although I was promised that the plumbers would be at our house on Thursday, they didn't come.  Then they promised us they'd be there today...and that didn't happen.  Now we are told that a "whole crew" will be showing up tomorrow to take care of everything.  Keep your fingers crossed for us that I will have some bathroom pictures {complete with FUNCTIONING TOILETS...yes, I am that excited about having a toilet back in the house} to show you come Monday! ;-)

Happy Friday everyone!


  1. Gabbi! The backsplash looks amazing - even without grout! White subway is classic. You made a good choice there! And I love the clean feeling in the master bath. Great paint colour. I hope you're proud of the choices you've made as you see your designs take shape.

  2. Your house is looking great!! love that master bath and love the backsplash!! And the paint color!! :)

  3. It is really starting to come together! I also want to do horizontal stripes in our half bath (when we buy our house). Your master bath is absolutely gorgeous!!

  4. I love the white subway tile and the aqua in the cabinets and the big old shower in the master bath! It's all coming together! I bet you guys can't wait to get it finished and be all moved in.

  5. Thank you so much for all your comments everyone! It really means so much to me to have you stop by! :)

    Diana...thank you so much for your very kind words!

    Renovating Rothenbergers...thanks so much!! :)

    Ashley...I can't wait to see how they turn out. I'm not really looking forward to all of the measuring and taping beforehand, but I'm sure the results will be worth it!

    Brandi...thank you!! It really is starting to come together. I'm so anxious to move next week...I practically can't sit still!