Thursday, December 8, 2011

Easy Peasy...

I have more than enough clothes, shoes, jewelry and accessories to go around...and, the hubby has his fair share of a wardrobe too.  This means that when it came to designing our bedroom closets, we needed to maximize all the space we had.

If you remember from this post {see the floor plans I created below}, we took over the third bedroom in our house to create our master ensuite.  That former bedroom gave us approximately 165 sq. ft. of space to work with.  Since Pete and I work at the same company, and often times even commute together, we had to make sure of two things: 1) that our bathroom was big enough to let us move around each other comfortably {but not waste space...say with a tub, since neither of us have taken a bath since we were children}, and 2) that our closets provided the proper amount of space and storage.

Because of the two main criteria we set, we ended up making our closet area almost equal to the bathroom area.  Our bathroom is roughly 11' wide by 8' closet is 7' wide by 4' deep...and hubby's is 7' wide by a little over 3' deep.  {He's the best ever, letting me have the bigger closet!!}  The additional space left over in the closet area is for our "hallway" that leads from the bedroom to the bathroom.

Once our closets were framed in and I knew the rough sizes they would be, I hopped on Google and looked for a custom closet site online, where I could create my own system.  The first site I clicked on happened to be super user friendly, was priced reasonably, came with a lifetime guarantee and had uh-mazing shipping options {aka, FREE shipping, and if you place your order before 6pm, it ships out the next day}.  So, with the help of I quickly had two closets designed and ordered. 

It didn't hurt that I got a 10% off discount for having an order over $1,000 and then they also sent me an extra 5% off coupon through email for the holidays.  Woohoooo for savings!  {I have seriously not bought anything for our house that I didn't get some sort of discount on...either it was on sale, I had a coupon code, free shipping, etc.  We need to watch every penny we can!}

So here is what I came up with.  This picture shows the three walls of the closets in a single row.

This is my closet...

And this is the hubby's...

{Sorry for the slightly distorted's the best I could do.}

And right on the same week that I placed the order for our systems, UPS arrived and started unloading the 19 boxes {yes, I said 19 boxes...thank gosh I'm not the one assembling them}!


  1. Wow that is going to be an awesome closet when you're done! I love the idea of creating a master ensuite, kind of like your own oasis within your home.

  2. Thanks so much Ashley! :)

    Thank you Brandi!!