Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Keepin' It Real

Let's face it.  Our house is a hot mess right now.  We have about 73 different things going on...all with the goal of us moving in the week of the 19th {or at least that's what we are praying for}.  And since I couldn't even hide the disaster if I wanted to, I decided to show more pictures of our uhhhh-mazing countertops, as they are...with stuff all over every square inch of them.  Don't get me wrong, I totally understand that it makes it almost impossible to see the countertops themselves, but I want to keep it real here.  There won't be any pretty staged pictures of them until all the subs are gone, and we can start to take over our home with our own junk everywhere hehe.

Our pretty new, *FREE* stainless steel sink...and faucet.

Island/bar counter area.

And again, from a different angle.  That fancy piece of wood will be replace by countertop supports when I find ones  I want...I'm thinking heavy duty "L" shaped brackets, so leg room can be maximized.

View of the bar-height counter.

More countertop lovin'.

Gratuitous countertop close-up.

Besides being in countertop heaven...I'm loving lots of other things at our house.  The electricians greeted my parents at the house this AM and got to work wrapping up their to-do list for our job.  That means we'll finally have light switches and lights to turn on!  It can't wait to see our house looking all warm and lit's been dark for so long.  After today, Phil and his crew need only one more day next week to complete all of our electrical work!  Woo-to-the-hooooo for that!

My FANTASTIC {seriously, they are the best} parents have been hard at work priming, caulking and painting our casa the past couple days.  I finally nailed down a couple paint colors for the house.  I can't wait to stop at home tonight to see some of my walls looking more like us, and less like the old owners of the house {aka - everything the same shade of dirty yellow, with the old green poking through places where they didn't get great coverage}.

And now that my Mom finished the three-friggin'-day process of removing all the wallpaper glue on our master bedroom walls {she gets a ginormous gold star for taking care of that task}, my Pops could prime over the Smurf blue.  It took two coats and the room already looks so much better with just primer on the walls. {Yup, that old toilet from the demo is still hanging out in the middle of everything.  Kind of like our old fridge in the middle of the dining room.  We are classy.}

Here is a before of our master all their Smurfy glory...

And some after shots of the primed much better, even without a paint color...

View into the master from the hallway...take note, we now have lights in there! :)

Master bedroom, again...towards the new small 3rd closet and entrance door.

View of the master bedroom from inside the doorway.

Master bedroom, towards the ensuite area.


  1. Everything is looking great! I can't believe what a difference just the primer makes in that room. It looks way bigger! And of course the counter top is lovely! I love that you went with a simple square profile. Classic.

  2. Ditto what Diana said. The countertops look beautiful and I love how thick they are!

  3. Love the counter tops! I found you through YHL and between their kitchen and yours I'm falling more and more in love with Corian!

  4. Diana...I know, I honestly didn't recognize the room with just the primer on the walls. Now if I could only nail down the color I want to paint the room. Decisions, decisions hehe. And thanks so much for the countertop love!

    Lindsay...thanks so much! I really appreciate you dropping in! :)

    Ashley...oh, awesome! Thanks so much for stopping by and checking out my blog! :)