Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Holy Overwhelming!

{BEWARE: LONGEST POST EVER...without any fun pictures to look at!}

That just about sums up the past couple days that we've been having.  Since this week is "supposed" to be the final week until we move in, there has been a flurry of activity going on at our house....at all hours of the day/night. {Yup, my Mom was up until an absurd hour of the morning...sanding away on our cabinet doors.  I don't know where she gets her drive!}

Our weekend was spent painting/sanding/drylocking/making a million Home Depot runs/shopping at Kohl's for uhhhhhh-mazing sales on bedding-bath necessities/having nervous breakdowns/getting super excited to finally move into our casa.  We started out early in the morning and finished up late at night...and then had to drive out to the in-laws, which is about an hour away.

The original schedule was supposed to go something like this...plumbers show up Thursday, along with the electricians, and then our contractor does his thing and finishes our house up by this Wednesday so the floor refinishing guy has free reign...then we move in Monday, the 19th.  Well the electricians showed Wednesday {props for coming a day early to work}, and the plumbers never showed Thursday...and then didn't show Friday...and we now know it was pretty much due to the fact that our contractor wasn't ready for them {shocker since he never showed up at our house to tackle his to-do list until Thursday}.

Finally, on Saturday, our contractor was ready for them and they showed up to hook up all of our bathrooms fixtures...and here is where things started going awry {or shall I say continued since our contractor wasn't around to tackle anything most of the week}.

First, the main bath faucets didn't fit into the vanities.  No big deal.  I had to run to Home Depot and pick up new ones.  Luckily, they fit...phew!

Then our master bath faucets didn't fit.  I told the plumbers they could just install the faucets that originally came with our vanity, and we'd replace them down the road when they wore out {they weren't the best quality since they came with the vanity...which is why I bought nicer ones in the first place}.  Well turns out, the threading on the faucet that came with the vanity was bad, so those couldn't be installed either.  At that point we didn't have time to run to Home Depot and get back in time so they could install it...so that was on our to-do list for Sunday.

And in the midst of all that...the plumbers FLOODED our master bathroom so bad that water was going up over the marble threshold and onto our hardwood floors in the master closets.  Thank the good Lord for having a brand new wet vac at the house.  Within a couple minutes, the water was cleaned up.

Then, our plumbers couldn't install the proper caps on the pipes for our master and main baths because our contractor had drywalled over the pipes they needed access to.  They had to break through the drywall and were able to cap off at least one of the bathrooms so we could....{drum roll please}...finally have a working toilet and sink in the house!

On Sunday the hubby and I picked up new faucets {which we weren't a fan of, but H.D. had no other ones in stock that we liked} so that come Monday, the plumbers could install the faucets in the master bath.

We got home and immediately tried to dry fit them ourselves...THEY didn't fit either!  Who knew faucets would be such a pain to deal with!  Luckily my parents came to the rescue {for the millionth time} and went to a plumbing supply store early Monday morning and found a gorgeous faucet in stock, that fit the measurements we needed.  Or so we thought.  The faucet was 1/32 TOO BIG for the holes drilled in our vanity.  The plumbers refused to drill larger holes our marble top because it's so fragile and they can't be held responsible for damaging it.  Well my Dad worked his magic and got one of the plumbers to agree to try it out.  For 30 minutes they drilled one hole and got the first faucet to fit.  Then after 45 more minutes of drilling, my Dad got the second one to fit.  CRISIS AVERTED.  We finally had faucets in the master bath!!!

Then the plumbers confirmed that we had two, yes two, gas leaks in the house and fixed those.  They also fixed our brand new Kohler toilet that they just installed on Saturday because it had a malfunctioning part and it would not stop filling and running.

Besides ALL of that nonsense, the plumbers installed a new hot water heater, frost-free spigots for our exterior, put a new p-trap drain thing for our kitchen sink {sorry, I might have used the wrong terms because I don't speak plumber} and installed a gas line to our fire place for when we hit the lottery and can convert our wood burning unit.

YOWZERS.  That was a mouthful, {and if you are still even reading this post, I appreciate your patience and attention span.}  Hopefully that helped to give you a glimpse into what caused much of our stress from this weekend.  You know, aside from finding out that our contractor will not make his deadline of completing our house by tomorrow night.  But come on, who is surprised by that?  Anyone?  Anyone?  Yea...I didn't think so. ;-)

Luckily, we do have functioning bathrooms and our floor guy is still scheduled to come in on Thursday.  So barring any major disasters, we are moving in next week!  We just won't be able to get rid of our contractor for a little while longer.


  1. Whoa. This all seems a little stressful. Thanks for keeping it real and sharing the frustrations!! I'm sure I will be dealing with many of the same issues in the coming months/years. haha.

  2. I read the whole post - I'm so sorry the weeked was so stressful! I had about 20 minutes to choose my kitchen faucet from what they had at home depot :( having to just grab something sucks!! Also my head would have exploded when the bathroom flooded! Hang in there!!

  3. Diana...yea, it's been quite stressful, but the good thing is that we know it'll all be worth it in the end! :)

    Thanks for the encouragement Lindsay!! :)