Monday, December 5, 2011

Mom & Dad to the Rescue!

This was a HUGE weekend at the house.  So much was accomplished and we couldn't be happier about it.

There were several things that needed to be done ASAP.  We had to get the priming, ceiling painting and wallpaper/wallpaper glue removal completed before the hardwoods get refinished and the tile floors went down.

To help with this massive task, my parents left their home in NC at 4am on Friday and were at our house by dinner time.  After a quick stop at our favorite diner, we headed straight to Home Depot to pick up a bunch of supplies for the weekend.

After that, it was time to rest up.  My parents {bless their hearts} are staying at an EconoLodge until our house has a working bathroom.  So off they went to their luxury suite hotel-ish room, and me and the hubby trekked back to my in-laws.

Saturday morning quickly arrived, and by 7am my phone was ringing.  We were informed to stop at Lowe's on our way to the house to pick up a couple things for my parents, and most importantly, a bunch of grout and two marble saddles for the tile crew that arrived at our house.

{The hubby and I were blindsided by a heinous joke while shopping in Lowe's.  I made the mistake of asking where I could find a marble saddle...and I was told, "on a marble horse".  The only one who laughed at the joke was the salesperson himself.  Oh, and my Mom, when I told her the following day.  In fact, she got a kick out of was right up her alley.}

Anywho...we all worked diligently at the and the tile crew.  All day, each one of us would stop what we were doing and head to the bathrooms to check on the progress.  It was great.  Seeing our bathrooms take shape was an awesome experience.  And the crew who worked on them was amazing!!

By the end of the day, the priming was done {we even put a coat on the kitchen cabinet frames}, my Mom had the wallpaper removed from the kitchen area and a good chunk of the master bedroom, Pete had removed the staples from the living room floor and the tile crew had both bathrooms mostly tiled.

On Sunday, we left my parents to fend for themselves. :(  We already had plans to go with Pete's family to get their Christmas trees.  It's a tradition...every year, we all go to a Christmas tree farm and then to this great little place for lunch.  After lunch, we headed straight to the house.  My parents were busy bees all day...along with the tile crew.

My Mom made some major headway on our master bedroom wallpaper glue...and my Dad painted all of the ceilings {except for the bathrooms since he couldn't get in there} and put a second coat of primer on our cabinet frames.  The tile crew completed tiling and grouting everything.  The bathrooms look terrific.  We couldn't be happier with the job these hard working guys did!

Here is a bit of the progress in photo form.  {The pictures don't show too well since we still don't have any lights...bear with me, please!}

New tile by the front wet feet coming in onto the hardwood floor! :)

New tile in the main/family bath...also primed walls!

New tile in the master bath.

A little closer.

Master shower tile...marble floor, white subway tile walls, with a glass/marble accent tile!  {We still need to install the marble thresholds around the shower.}

Master bath towards the vanity area.

No more ugly grellow {green + yellow} shag carpet!  Woohooo!

Cabinet frames all primed.

Can't wait to put a new backsplash up!!!

Please take note of the crazy amounts of yellow-ish glue all over that blue wall.

Now look at the walls after my poor Mom scrubbed and scraped all the old glue off.

Can't wait to get rid of that smurf blue!
For such a long time, all of the design elements of our home have been floating around in my mind and on my computer screen.  I have always been worried that I messed something up and that it wouldn't gel together to create the perfect place for us {and our families} to call home.  I'm so very thankful to say that I didn't mess anything up in the tiling department!  We are beyond ecstatic with how it looks!  PHEWWW! :)


  1. Gabbi it really is starting to look amazing! I absolutely love the tile in the bathrooms! I'm sure you guys are beyond excited. Congrats!

  2. Oh my goodness! It's looking awesome! You made good decisions that's for sure! I love the bathroom and the kitchen cabinets are going to look great! Congrats!

  3. Aw, thank you Heather! Yea, we really are so very excited!!

    Thanks so much Diana...I really appreciate it! :)

  4. It looks great and everything is starting to come together. I used to be scared to look at the pictures, but now I can actually see a how under there!

    Your mom did super magic work with getting all of the glue off. Wowzer!

  5. Thanks Brandi! I don't know how my Mom had the paitence to get all of that glue off. Her poor finger nails were filed down to nothing after the 3 day process of scrubing!

    Thanks so much for stopping in Henzy! :)

  6. What color is your kitchen?? :)

    1. Hi Jamie! The color on the inside of our cabinets is Behr's Cool Jazz. Hope that helps! :)


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