Tuesday, December 13, 2011

New Developments

There have been quite a few new developments at our house since my post on Friday.  {Don't worry...this post has wayyy more pictures to illustrate the changes, unlike my last post. :(  Sorry about that rant...just trying to show you the good, bad and the very ugly of going through a major reno.}

But, back to the good stuff...

First up, we have our new countertop supports.  They are nothing fancy to look at, but they get the job done without sacrificing leg room.  This was important to us because I have a father who is 6'4 and a brother-in-law who is 6'5...I wanted to make sure that people could comfortably sit at our bar without bruising up their knees.  Plus, these babies were just a couple dollars a piece from Home Depot, versus prettier corbels that are much more expensive.  {One of my favorite DIY couples at Young House Love used the same supports for their solid surface countertop that had an overhang.}  All that is left to do with the supports is: 1) sand the edges {so they are more rounded and less squared off...meaning less prone to jabbing people who bump into them} and 2) paint the upper part white to match the counters and the lower part grey to match the walls.  This will help the supports to blend better since they are bar height and can be seen more than counter height supports.

Steel support brackets for the bar counter.

Next, we have some kitchen modifications.  Our old cabinet above the range was retrofit so our shiny new microwave will fit in place.  A bracket was also installed to help support the heavy appliance.  If you look closely, you can also see that we finally painted the kitchen a shade of aqua and the island backsplash was tiled as well!

Modified cabinet, making way for our microwave!

New aqua color on the walls.

Tiled backsplash on the island...and a blurry picture of my Pops! :)

All the bedrooms have also been painted.  If you remember from previous pictures, our larger guest bedroom had a chair rail installed about 2/3 of the way up the wall.  I worked with that and painted the bedroom two different shades of beige...with the darker on the bottom.  The master bedroom was also painted.  We chose a green-blue accent wall, and a silvery grey for all of the other walls.  The silver tends to read a little tan in some light, but it's a true silvery, grey.  I love it with the punch of color on the main wall!  I forgot to take a picture of the smallest guest bedroom, but that was painted a shade of grey called Dolphin Fin.  It goes great with the duvet I pulled the color from.

Two-tone paint in the large guest bedroom...and partially installed ceiling fan.

Master bedroom...green-blue accent wall and silver main walls.

And again.

View towards the master bedroom entrance.

The hallway has also been painted...the same shade of grey that we put in our living/dining room area.

New grey hallway.

Our living room ceiling fan was installed, and I have to say...I love it!!

My favorite ceiling fan!

Better view.

Our gas line has been run and is all ready to go for when we become rich and can put in a gas insert.

Gas line!!

Close up.

My Mom has been busting her booty sanding and painting our cabinet doors.  They look pretty great with two coats of paint on them!  And you can also see my other painting project that I've been working on during the past couple weekends...my craigslisted dining room chairs. 

Pretty white cabinets...so much better than their former condition.

Cabinets and chairs.

And now for the main event...the thing that we have all been waiting for...

THE BATHROOMS!  WE FINALLY HAVE FUNCTION BATHROOMS!  {Sorry, but it really is that exciting.}

Both bathrooms are still a work in progress.  In the main bath there are holes near the light fixtures {they had to install them a smidge higher than they originally thought} that need to be spackled, the spackling and sanding around the shower unit needs to be finished, paint needs to be touched up, we need to add the horizontal stripes to the walls, I need a better/more permanent shower rod and curtain, outlet covers/switch plates need to be installed, a new register cover needs to be installed and other decorative accents need to go in. 

But it still functions and looks light years better than it used to! Woohoo!

View into the main/family bath.

And again.

Love it.

Sorry for the dark picture...the electricity was turned off for the electrician to work.  New shower with a temporary shower rod and curtain.

A different view.

The master bath is really getting there too.  It still needs a light fixture installed above the mirror, new register cover, grout around the tiles near the marble thresholds, adjustable bar for the handheld shower unit needs to be installed, outlet covers/light switches need to be installed, glass walls/door for the shower need to be installed, door needs to be hung and other decorative accents need to go in.  But here she is in all her glory for now!!

New double vanity and big ole' mirror!  {Please excuse my image in the background.}

We now have marble thresholds on the shower.

Ready for the glass walls/door.

So what do you think?  It's finally turning into a home, right?!?!?!


  1. It absolutely is turning in to a home! It looks fantastic! I can't wait to see those cabinet doors on! You're kitchen is going to look so clean and bright!

  2. I love that minty blue, so bright and airy! Looks like some exciting progress :)

    ~Stop Me if You've Heard This One

  3. This is so exciting!! I know it's different to live it but it seems like your reno is flying by! How long has it been so far?

  4. It's starting to look so beautiful!! I love love love it!

  5. Thanks Diana! I can't wait to put all the doors back up. It's a world of difference from the dark and dingy kitchen before!

    Thank you so much Justine! :)

    Lindsay, we closed on our house at the end of August and worked on the exterior while we waited for our contractor to start working. The first day of interior demo was at the end of September. I'd like to say that time is flying by for me, but seriously, it is crawlinggg haha.

    Aw, thanks for the sweet comment Ashley!

  6. Everything is turning out to be gorgeous!! I can't wait to see it all finished!

    Do you know the name of the gray paint color? I have been wanting to paint the dining room and kitchen gray but haven't found the right shade, and I think that might be it!

  7. I love all of it!! You have come so far!!

    The paint is gorgeous. The bathroom are gorgeous!

  8. Thank you Debbie!! Yup, the grey that is in our great{ish} room and hallway is Gentle Rain by Behr. It really is my favorite color!! It looks so great is so many different types of light!

    Thanks Brandi!! :) It's so crazy to look at my home's pictures before we started and then compare them to where we are now. It's been such a dramatic change!

  9. Beautiful!!! I love all your lighting choices! I can't decide what is best here; it's all wonderful =) Thanks for stopping by Corner of Main

  10. Aw, thank you so much Kelly! I'm so glad you stopped by! :)

  11. Great Job! Would be interested in knowing what color is the two toned master bed room. We are thinking of using BM Palladain Blue for accent wall, but need other color for 3 other walls. What is the two colors used for accent/main walls please? -Melissa

    1. Hi Melissa! I used Behr's Balmy Seas for the accent wall and Glidden's Pebble Gray for the other three walls. I hope that helps! Thanks for stopping by! :)

  12. Our furniture and appliances contribute a lot to help our house stand out. I think that you've bought the right pieces to fill the space in your home. The wall colors make each room feel cozy too, including the ceiling fan – it looks classy and expensive.

    Staci Severns @Brooklyn Fan