Thursday, December 1, 2011

Interior Doors and Dirty Floors!

I may be jinxing myself by saying this, but I think we are coming into the home stretch!  By the 18th or 19th of this month, we may be able to, wait for it.....LIVE IN OUR HOUSE!!!!

Our contractor thinks he'll be able to have everything done by the 15th...and then the hardwood floor guy can come in and work his magic.  He'll need a couple days, and then the house will be all ours.

I am crossing all my fingers {and toes} that we'll be able to put our Christmas tree up before the holiday comes and goes.

Yesterday the spackle guy, and his partner-in-crime, were able to make a lot of progress smoothing out the walls and patches.  Our contractor built up our basement window so he could re-grade the dirt under our screened-in porch, started installing the last basement window and hung most of the interior doors.  Our poor hardwoods have taken a beating through this reno.  I can't wait to see them after they get some much needed TLC.

Our patched floors covered in spackle.

View into the kitchen...island moved to the middle of the kitchen so they could spackle the half wall.

View from kitchen toward the living room.

Patches by the dining room light box and fireplace.

Spackled areas on the kitchen ceiling...a total contrast to the shiny ceiling paint selected by the original homeowners.

Half wall

Other side.

Repaired areas towards the front door.

Repaired areas toward the back door.
New primed doors to linen closet #1 and bedroom #1.

New door to linen closet #2 and doorway to the main bath.

View into the main bath.

And again.

One more time.

View towards bedroom #2 and master bedroom.

In case you didn't see the green trim poking through in the picture is it, up close...just for you.  Enjoy!  What were these homeowners thinking?!?!

View from master bedroom towards the ensuite.

Masater bedroom again.

And again.  Yes...that toilet is still sitting in our room.

My closet.

View towards the bathroom.

Hubby's closet.

Master bath shower area.

Very blurry picture of the master bath vanity area.

Garage is finally spackled!

Another view.

One more time.

Basement window built up...almost done.


  1. It's really all coming together. I'm crossing my fingers in hopes you get to move in soon, too!!

  2. I'm keeping my fingers and toes crossed for you!

  3. Fingers and toes crossed over here! It would be great if you got to put up your Christmas tree this year! Can't wait to see the floors when they're refinished!

  4. Thanks Brandi!! Thanks Diana!!

    So glad you guys stopped by. :)

  5. Your floors look like they need work, yeah. Are they fine now? Are they going through maintenance? I mean, there's stuff out there in the market that could handle a mess like this easy. Scrubbers and cleaners and stuff. Some of them are very legit. I was wondering whether you've been using those, since I've been thinking of recommending one to my friend.