Thursday, December 15, 2011

One Last Look...

Today is a big day.  Our floors are getting some much needed TLC.  I stopped at the house after work last night to make sure everything was moved off the hardwoods and to take a few “before” know, so we could remember how awful our floors used to be. ;)

It was crazy to see how open our house looked {minus the fridge in the dining room} because we’ve had so many boxes, random furniture projects, supplies and tools all over our living area for months now.

{Warning: my camera flash was NOT cooperating with me during these pictures…so most of them are entirely too yellow and don’t show the true colors of the house. :(  My apologies…and, I promise I’ll try harder next time.}

View from in the kitchen. {Yes, I know we need to paint all the drawers still.}

And again.

One last time.

View from the living room.  {Yup, those are outdoor porch chairs that have served as seating in our house thus far.  Hey, we gotta work with what we got haha.}

Another shot.

View from the dining room towards the kitchen.

And again.

One last time.

View from the fireplace down the hallway to the bedrooms.

And into the kitchen.  {The bar counter supports are only primed...they need to be painted to match the wall color still.}

View from the hallway towards the living area.

Hallway corner towards guest bedroom #2 and the master bedroom.

Horrible lighting, but view into the master bedroom.

Our awesome new fandelier (chandelier + ceiling fan).

Such a pretty glow.

Another shot, with the high hat lights turned off.

Lighting is still not right in this picture.

This is the best depiction of the true wall color.

And back to bad lighting in my pictures.  Grrrrrrrrr.

View from master bath towards the master bedroom.

Some master bath lovin'....just because I love how it's turning out.

Towel bars.

Master shower...just needs some glass!

All shower trim is now installed.

Our shiny, new faucets.

Guest bedroom #2 with fan/light installed and paint colors on the walls.  {We taped off our vents for when the floors get sanded.  We already had our air ducts cleaned, and we didn't want to have to do it again.}

The floor of my closet....old and new hardwoods.
I really can't wait to see what kind of impact the newly stained floors make in our home!   I can't wait to share some "after" pictures!


  1. I love the fandalier! It's beautiful! I can't wait to see after pictures of the floor. I'm sure it's going to make a huge difference. Also, you master bath really is turning out nicely. You did a great job selecting finishes in there!

  2. your home is really coming along great - it's so charming.

  3. Wow I love your house! You have done so much work and it looks great! Very classy and cozy! The master bath is definitely my favorite, that shower is divine! I can't wait to see the finished floors!

  4. Thank you so very much Diana! I can't wait to share pictures of the floor. I'm going through slight withdrawal not being able to head over to our house and check on the progress since it's off limits for a couple days.

    Thank you Melanie! So glad you stopped by! :)

    Aw, thank you so much Ashley!! I just ordered the glass walls for the master shower. We went with framless glass...I can't wait until it gets installed!

  5. I love your fandalier and the chandelier in the dining room. Where did you get the one in the dining room?

  6. Thank you so much Shannon!! I got it on! :)

  7. I can't wait to see the floors all spiffed up :)

  8. It's all coming together great! I hope you're moving in as I type this (or soon anyway).

  9. Thanks so much RR! I love how they look now! :)

    Brandi...I actually was moving in as you typed that to me. Love it! :)

  10. Looking for Tips on your Fandelier! What type of ceiling fan did you use? How did you modify with the KNAPPA ikea light?

    1. Hi Jennifer! It's not a modified fan, I purchased it that way. It's from Lamps is the link:

      Hope that helps! :)

  11. what color stain did you use on your floors?

    1. We used Minwax's Jacobean in a satin finish...hope that helps! :)