Friday, December 30, 2011

Dining Chair Re-Do

After the hubby and I found our house, I immediately began the hunt for some furniture to fill our home.  Most of our old furniture from the townhouse stayed with the townhouse after the sale.  The girl who purchased our old home was buying her very first place.  She didn't have much money to furnish things, and since she loved how I decorated the home, we offered to include most of our furniture in the sale.  {Plus, our townhouse was way smaller than the home we purchased, so the scale of the furniture would have been off.}

And I know it takes years to furnish a home.  There is no way we could buy everything to fill our place up, but I wanted to, at least, have the basics when we moved in.  We are definitely on a very tight budget, so I knew that what I did buy, couldn't all be new {nor did I want it to be...I really like re-purposing old stuff}.

I had a pretty clear idea of what my dining set would look like.  I wanted a chunky, straight-leg harvest table...with a leaf...that was made from solid wood.  I didn't mind spending some money on it because I look at it as an investment that will last through the years.  I found one online, for a decent price, and even scored 10% off.  Getting a solid wood table that opens to seat 10-12 people for under $1,000 was a major score for me.

And since I spent so much money on the table, I knew I'd be searching through Craigslist for the chairs to go with it.  I came across these chairs...a set of 6 {with 2 captain's chairs}, for $100.  Sold. 

Then I found two more chairs in a separate listing, that don't completely match, but are very similar for an additional $20.  Sold again! {I already sanded one, and removed the cushions at this point.}

So I ended up with 8 chairs for $120.

I did have to buy sand paper, primer, paint and fabric to transform them, but still...such a great deal for solid wood chairs in great shape!  Similar dining chairs could cost $120 or more just a pair!

Cushions all removed and sanding done on the back two chairs.
So after lots of sanding/de-glossing, priming, painting, staple removing {me and my Mom's hands still aren't back to normal...aka we have perma-claw-hand} and re-covering...the chairs now look like this.  Not too shabby!!

What do you think?!?  I hope you enjoyed their transformation as much as I did!

Happy New Year!!


  1. Gabbi u guys have done such a beautiful job on your home. I love it so far! -Jillian


  3. Love the fabric!!

  4. I love what you did with the chairs! Great job. Your place is really coming along beautifully!

  5. Girl I don't even know what to say. This is SO GOOD. Freakin amazing.

  6. Ashley..thanks so much! What makes me love the fabric even more is that it's stain and soil resistant. I didn't even know it when I picked it out! Yay for that! :)

    Thanks Lindsay W. and Jillian!!

    Thank you so much Diana! :)

    Aw, Lindsay you are too sweet! Thank you!

    Thank you very much, Brandi and Regan!

    Seriously, you all are the sweetest! You guys make my day with your kind words! Xo!!

  7. I noticed the chairs a few weeks ago (I thought I commented, but I don't see it now). Anyway, they are AWESOME! That fabric is perfect. So cute. I love the white and print with the wood table (we have a similar look going on over here). Re-doing chairs is such a savings and I think they look so much better than buying new :)

  8. Thank you sooo very much, Kelly!! Re-doing them definitely saved some cash and like you said, I like mixing old and new much better too! :)

  9. The chairs look great! This is the kind of post to bookmark and come back to when I'm in your position some day!

  10. Thank you sweet of you to say! Xo!