Monday, October 24, 2011

Anddd We Have Windows!

As of Friday afternoon, most of our new windows were in!  Thanks to the crew of two and my hubby's hard work, the only ones left to be replaced are the three in the basement and the one above the kitchen sink.

They look great, but they also just make it super obvious that our trim, both inside and outside, needs some serious TLC.  The outside trim is begging to be sanded and painted in a major way.  The inside trim needs to be caulked and painted a bright white to go with our shiny new windows.

Our new windows make the trim look pitiful.

Please ignore the green garage doors.  They will be replaced in the {hopefully} near future.
It's so fabulous to have windows that you can open with just one hand, as opposed to our old ones, that I couldn't open using both hands and all my might!

And I really liked to see this sticker on the windows.  Anything that helps cut down on factors that can contribute to mold growth in our home gets a big thumbs up from me!

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