Tuesday, October 4, 2011

What Goes Up, Must Come Down...

And in our case, when some things come down, others must go up.  For example, when we remove a wall that spans over 30 feet, we need something to support the ceiling until our ginormous beam comes in.

Last night the hubs and I stopped by the house to check on the progress.  If you couldn't tell already, this will definitely be an every day occurrence when we know the crew is working there during the day.  We figure, the closer we keep an eye on our remodel, the less things can go astray.  (Don't get me wrong...I'm sure we are going to have our fair share of snafus, but hopefully they'll be less severe if we catch them early on.)

Anywho, when we pushed the front door open we were welcomed by the absence of the wall studs that ran along the house, from front to back.  They were totally removed and a temporary, supporting wall had been put up in the living room, to carry the load.  The part of the wall that ran along the kitchen/dining area was not a supporting wall, so when those studs were removed, there was no need to put up a temporary wall there.  It was so nice and open!!  Every day we are blown away by seeing our house evolve.

View from in the kitchen towards the dining/living room area.  (Fireplace is covered with that huge piece of plywood.)
And again.

View from screened-in porch door towards the front door.

View from dining area towards the front door.

View from the dining area towards the kitchen.

View from the hallway towards the front door.

In other news, we got the engineer's drawings...town permits, here we come!  The hubs and I picked them up and dropped off a copy to our contractor this morning on our way to work.  With the drawings in hand, he was able to order the beams we need.  He also took on the responsibility of going to the municipal building to get our permits released.  (He said he's dealt with the people there all along, so he wanted to wrap everything up with them.  Fine with us!  One less job for us to do.)
And since we finally are getting our permits, our contractor instructed us to go ahead and order all of our bathroom fixtures because the plumber will be on site next week.  I can't wait to have a functioning bathroom back in our house!  It means we'll be one step closer to having a completed home, and my parents can also come visit again!  Woohoo!!

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