Monday, October 3, 2011

Pleasantly Surprised

The hubs and I didn’t expect much progress to go down at the house on Friday.  We purely thought we’d be meeting our contractor and engineer at the house at 1pm and that’d be that.  As long as the engineer didn’t mumble the words “you can’t do that”, we were ready to call the day a success.  So consider us pleasantly surprised when we pulled into our driveway and saw a bunch of construction vehicles in our driveway and heard the wonderful sound of nail guns going off. 

When we got inside we realized the crew had been there all day.  They finished demo’ing the wall between the master and former bedroom #3.  They were beginning to frame out the areas that used to be doorways, as well as our new master suite area.  The hubs and I were ecstatic that work was getting done while we were in a holding pattern waiting for the engineer’s approval.

The engineer arrived (half an hour late) and went through his little routine of sketching, measuring and taking pictures.  Twenty minutes later, he was much richer, we were much poorer and we were given the thumbs up to take down the walls.  Unfortunately, we need to wait for his drawings and official letter before we can move ahead.  He gave us a timeline of today or tomorrow.  So the hubs and I are back on pins and needles waiting for a phone call or email letting us know that we can pick up the documents.  We will head straight to the municipal building from there, where they will hopefully release the permits.  Then our contractor can order the beams (yes, we need multiple beams to span the areas we are taking down), and the plumbers and electricians can get in our house to start to working their magic.

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