Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Roller Coaster Ride

Oh, the ups and downs of renovation.  Anyone sensing a theme?

Thank goodness the hubs was off from work yesterday.  The day started off well.  Things were going smoothly at the house, as shown by these two iPhone pictures the hubs sent me during the morning.

New back door from the screened-in porch to the kitchen.

The 15-lite door lets in so much more light than the previous door!  I love it!

But a day of renovation wouldn’t be complete without something going awry.  I received a phone call from the hubby at lunch time telling me that the door hardware we ordered for the front door was only a deadbolt.  There was no doorknob.  Whooops!  So much for me and the hubs checking over our order carefully. (Yes, we ordered the door hardware at the same time as the incorrect doors…it must have been because we were on the computer late that night.  That’s my story and I’m sticking to it because we seriously checked and re-checked our order three times.  I guess fourth time would have been the charm in our case!)

So needless to say, the hubs said he was going to run to the nearest Lowe’s and he wanted me to find the coordinating door knob item and model number online.  This way I could send it to him and he’d be armed and ready to go when walked into the store.

Next thing I knew, my phone was ringing.  The hubs asked if I wanted the bad news or the worse news.  Turns out the Union Lowe's doesn’t carry the Baldwin brand that we had selected (see pictures below) in-stock and our contractor opened the dead bolt we already purchased (also below) and the package didn’t even have all the parts in it. 

The hubs said all the door hardware he could see in the store didn't even appeal to him.  I quickly hopped online and found a different style of door hardware than we originally picked out.  It wasn’t our first choice, but it was still nice and received a great review (see below). 

The item also had an option to pick it up in the store so I knew it was in-stock.  I gave the hubs the item number, he found it and left the store.

I thought that dilemma would be our only problem for the day.  I was wrong.  I received a phone call from the hubby not too long after that letting me know that the windows, that should have come in over a week ago, are still delayed and not supposed to be in until Friday.  Also, we can’t get a plumbing inspector out to our house until Thursday afternoon.  So for the second week in a row, we are going to be at a standstill for a good portion of the week.

This is getting BEYOND frustrating, especially when we were just told that this week would be a huge push to get lots of things done.  I understand that most of this is beyond the control of the contractor, but it doesn’t make it any less frustrating.  I just want us to be in our house ASAP!!!!

So let's take a long, hard look at the pictures I snapped at the house last night, because I won't be posting anymore progress pictures until work resumes...which I'm told will be Thursday.  Fingers crossed that happens and I'll have a progress post for you on Friday!

New, NORMAL HEIGHT, entry door into the garage!

Not yet insulated and trimmed out.

New front door.  Still needs to have trim replaced and it needs to be painted.

New front door from the inside.

Still has stickers on it and needs to be insulated and trimmed out.

New 15-lite door to the screened-in porch.  Love this new door!

Still needs trim and insulation.

View from the screened-in porch.

Main bath plumbing.

Those are huge holes in the floor that go into the garage.

Master closet and bath area...such a disaster right now.

Master bath plumbing.

And some more master bath plumbing for the shower area.

Master bath shower area plumbing.

Master bath plumbing.

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