Thursday, October 20, 2011

Pleasantly Surprised, Again??

The hubs and I were determined to make today a productive day at our house, contractor or no contractor!  I had arranged an inspection with our HUD consultant so he could look over the plumbing work that had been done, as well as the exterior doors that had been put in.  In addition to that, I provided him with all of our receipts for the materials purchased for the bathrooms.  My fingers are crossed that we can get a partial draw for all of the fixtures sitting in our garage, just waiting to be installed.  (Slight side note, we received draw #1 on Tuesday...woohooo!)

Also, the town’s plumbing inspector was scheduled to come to our house by 12 o’clock to *hopefully* give us the green light for our contractor to start putting down the sub-floors and closing up some closet walls.

When the hubs arrived at the house he said the HUD consultant was already there, taking pictures and giving things the once over.  He said the owner of the plumbing company we are using was at the house too.  The owner explained to hubs that he wanted to be there in case the town’s inspector started throwing around terminology and asking questions.  {I don’t know this guy, but he gets a major gold star from me for taking the initiative to be at our house for the inspection!  It is much appreciated by us!!} 

Hubs took advantage of meeting him and asked several questions about some things we might want to take care of around the house (adding frost-free water spigots on the outside of the house, running a gas line to the fireplace, replacing the corroded pipe under the kitchen sink, replacing the corroded water shut off valve in the basement, etc.).  In addition to all that, the owner brought up that he took a look at our hot water heater.  We knew it was old, but our inspectors and contractor told us that it might last a little while longer, and to put replacing it on the back-burner.  The owner disagreed and said it seemed to have passed it’s life expectancy.  He also mentioned that if we were looking to add to our family in the future, the size of our current water heater would be too small to suffice.  So the owner is going to write up a quote for all of the things hubby discussed with him, and once we go over everything, we can see if we want to move forward.  (We are very anxious to get a quote because they are good at what they do and they are the most reasonably priced in the area.  Our contractor said he was pleasantly surprised when they gave him their rates.)

And the plumbing company’s owner was not the only surprise we received this morning.  The hubs was shocked to see our contractor pull into our driveway.  He said he was just stopping by to pour the new footing in the basement and put the new support post up. 

From the hub's iPhone

After he was done, he was on his merry way.  He promised to be back tomorrow for a full day of work.

Hopefully I'll have more iPhone pictures to pass along tomorrow throughout the day!

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