Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A Little Bit of This, A Little Bit of That

The hubs and I have been hoping that this week would be a full and productive one at the house.  We stopped by last night and saw that a few things had gotten accomplished.

The temporary, support posts that were up in the living area were taken down, leaving only the permanent beam in place.

View from front door area.

View from fireplace.

View from dining room.

The sub-floor was laid and the tub walls were framed out in the main bathroom.

View into main bath from the hallway.  Tub wall to the left has been framed and sub-floor has been laid.

Tub/shower area has been framed.

No more holes in the floor to the garage below.

The hole that existed on the backside of our house because of removing the old master bath window was closed up and covered with new cedar shake shingles.

No more plywood covered hole in the house.  Brand new cedar shake shingles.
The hubs and I are supposed to meet with our contractor and electrician tonight.  Let's hope this meeting does not get cancelled last minute like last week!

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