Thursday, October 6, 2011

Baby Steps

So nothing too interesting got done around the house on Tuesday.  The crew created a wider opening in the living room ceiling where the largest beam is going to go and they started to move some duct work around.  I figured, I’d spare you guys a small post about that, and just combine those things with anything they did the following day.

That paid off, because when the hubs and I stopped at the house yesterday, we saw they removed the second kitchen wall and put up a supporting wall further in the kitchen to temporarily carry the load.  They also re-routed a bit more duct work and took up some more of the wood flooring.

I know it’s hard to see how open the space will be with supporting walls up everywhere, but to me and the hubs, the house is really starting to take shape!

(Again, I'm going to apologize for the poor lighting in some of these pictures.  One day we'll have normal lighting in our house!)

View from the hallway of the wider ceiling cavity, duct work and removed hardwood by the front door.

Another view of the ceiling cavities (and ugly ceiling light).

View from the front door toward the more kitchen walls!

Another view of the kitchen without walls.  The header from the living/dining room area will carry through to the kitchen wall by the fridge.

So nice and open.

View from the hallway toward the kitchen.

View of the master bedroom duct work that needed to be moved.

As you can see in many of the pictures, some of the wood floors have been taken up and need to be patched.  Repairing and refinishing the original floors is part of our renovation plan.  We asked the crew that when they need to pull the floors up in certain areas, to try and salvage as much as possible.  This would minimize our costs so we wouldn't have to purchase as much new, unfinished wood to patch places that need it (such as the new master closets, areas where walls and duct work used to be, etc.)

Originally the hubs and I wanted the entire main floor to be hardwood, except for the bathrooms and the kitchen.  Now we are rethinking that plan for the kitchen.  So much of our vision for the house is based on creating an open and airy space for our family to live.  We do not want to go against this aesthetic by visually breaking up the space with tile.  I know some people are dead set again having hardwood in the kitchen, and I get it.  It makes sense.  Moisture/spills and hardwoods don't mix.  But after much research (believe me, I do my fair share before going forward with anything), we are confident we are making the right decision for us.  I think it's going to give us the look and feel we want our house to have.  I absolutely love the way dark hardwoods can ground the kitchen, and make it feel more warm and cozy, then tile.

Here is my disclaimer.  I may flip flop on this topic again before it is time to put the floor down, but I really hope I don't!


  1. I really love hardwood floors. Interested to find out what you decide!

  2. We have hardwood in our kitchen and I love them!

  3. I'll definitely keep you updated as we make our decisions!

    Thanks for the input Aunt Bek!