Thursday, October 27, 2011

Forgotten Pictures

As I mentioned in yesterday's post, I totally forgot to take pictures at the house when we met with our electrician.  So here are the pictures that I should have taken two days ago.  Our master closets are completely framed in and have a real floor now! {Please forgive me for the horrible lighting in my pictures.  The days are growing short and we barely have any light sources in our house!}

Ready for the framing inspection...and we even have floors!

My closet area.

The hub's closet area.

New hardwood floors carried throughout the space.
We also had two out of three basement windows replaced.

Not sure what those wires are doing, running through the window frame, but *hopefully* our super electrician will resolve that!

Much better than what existed before.

Yesterday, our contractor started to install the hardwood in the kitchen, and he began patching the hallway, as well.  Plus, we passed our framing inspection!  So far, so good!

Definitely the right decision to carry the hardwood flooring through the kitchen.

Halfway done.

Old fridge sitting in our dining room.

Patching the hardwood floors in the hallway.

Another view of our red oak flooring getting installed.
Hopefully the hubs and I can see the floors 100% complete when we get to the house after work.  I really can't wait to see how everything looks when the floors get refinished and stained a different color!

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