Friday, October 21, 2011

Lemme Lemme Upgrade Ya!

I got a text from the hubby this morning that our replacement windows had finally arrived…hallelujah!  No more single-pane, cracked windows!

I headed over to the house during my lunch hour.  I had to give our contractor a check and I also needed him to sign off on two forms that we need to submit to the bank to get our second draw.  One of my bffs, Katie, came with me to check out the progress on the house.  She was one of the few people who got to see the house from the very beginning, before we ever started on any renovations.  She was surprised to see how much the house had changed already.

My hubby was at the house helping out the contractor and his main worker with the windows.  I asked him to keep me updated with some iPhone pictures throughout the day.  Here is the "during" stage of our window upgrade.  I can’t wait to put up some "after" shots!

Above the garage, windows are removed.

Master bedroom windows removed.

All of the old windows.

New picture window ready to go!

One new window in place in bedroom #1...boy does the trim need to be repaired and painted!

New windows in the front of the house!

Oh, and we passed our plumbing inspection yesterday!  Yet another step closer to our house having a functioning bathroom again!  And, of course, we couldn’t have all this good news without some bad news to accompany it. 

When the contractor arrived at our house today he was checking out the insulation that exists between the garage ceiling and our main floor (our master suite is going to be above the garage).  He said the insulation is extremely thin and definitely not adequate.  He recommends that we pull the garage ceiling down and insulate the area properly.

Of course that means additional costs that we were not planning for, but it is something that must be done.  Everything that we're doing to make the house look nice would not even matter if we don't take the proper care to do things right.  (Yes, I was channeling Mike Holmes right there.)  So now the hubs and I are considering tearing down the PLASTER ceiling and insulating it ourselves.  Our contractor said he’d show us how to do everything.  DIY'ing it means our only cost would be the insulation...and goggles and masks for our safety...and maybe some pizza and beer for any friends who want to assist us. ;-)

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