Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Good News/Bad News

Ahhh, the good news.

Last night was a success.  The hubs and I met with our electrician and contractor.  We went through most of the house and discussed what needs to be done and what we want to get done.  Unfortunately for our contractor {and our bank account}, the to-do list is a mile long.  Thankfully, our panel is in good shape, but beyond that, everything else needs help.  We have junction boxes, wires and a major lack of lighting all over the place.  Not gonna lie...when we heard our electrician use the phrase "bring a crew in", we couldn't have been happier.  We know our house is not a one-man kind of job.

The electrician is scheduled to start on Saturday...which coincides with me and the hubby ripping down the garage and basement ceilings.  Doing this dirty work will save us some cash, allow us to properly insulate the area below our master suite and give our workers direct access to the spaces they need (to run wires, etc.).  Our contractor is bringing a dumpster by today to get us set up for our weekend o' fun!

When we arrived at the house last night we saw that our master closets had been framed, and the wood flooring was patched and installed in the same area.  Two of the three basement windows were also installed.  Unfortunately I do not have pictures of the progress.  We were so wrapped up talking with the electrician and our contractor that I completely forgot to take pictures...even though I had the camera IN MY HAND.  Duhhh!  {Clearly, I was too busy daydreaming of a day when all the work we were discussing would be d-o-n-e!}

And then, the bad news.

We were informed that we will not be in our house by the deadline given to us.  They said we'd definitely be in by Christmas, but we shouldn't hold our breath for Thanksgiving.  MAJOR bummer.  Trying to wait until Thanksgiving has been hard enough...and now, we just have to wait even longer.  Anyone want to loan me any patience?!?!? 

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