Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Break on Through to the Other Side

That’s what I felt like I was doing when I busted through our front door yesterday after work.  Our door usually sticks a bit when you try to open it, but this time a gentle bump couldn’t push the door open.  I had to lower my shoulder and do my best linebacker impression to shove the front door open.  Once the hubs and I stepped inside the house we figured out why the door was so hard to open.  The crew had installed a support beam that runs down a cavity they created in the wall right next to the front door. 

Yay for supporting our house properly, but booooooo for our front door not being the easiest to open.  I’m hoping that little issue will be remedied when they install our new front door.

So now that all of the beams have been set in place on the main floor, it’s time to break up the basement floor and install a new steel post to carry the massive load from above.  Our contractor was instructed by the engineer to break up a portion of the basement floor, install rebar, pour a new footing and put up a new steel post.  Well, the floor has been broken up and the rebar has been installed.

The hubs (holding a mask up to his mouth and nose) taking a look into the broken up floor.

New hole and rebar, ready for concrete to be poured.

The hubs spotted our new steel post laying on the floor in the garage, just waiting to be installed.

And, wow, was our basement gross from breaking up just that small area.  You can tell there was a little water that came up from the ground; it was smelly (not sewage smelly, but smelly like dirty, wet, earth) and dusty.  Even though the hubs and I had masks on, I didn’t want us down there for longer than it look to investigate the work that was done for the day.  I can’t wait until the floor is closed back up, which probably won’t be for a day or two (and hopefully not more)!

They cannot proceed with pouring the footing and getting the post up until the footing inspector, from the building department, comes to check out their work.  Unfortunately, they couldn’t get a hold of him yesterday due to it being a holiday.  Our fingers are crossed that our contractor can get in touch with the inspector today and get him to our house tomorrow.

Until then the hubs and I will have to enjoy the progress that the plumber makes today.  Hopefully he shows up as promised and starts to make some headway in the main bathroom.  I reallyyy can’t wait to have a functioning bathroom at the house again!

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