Monday, October 3, 2011


This weekend the hubs and I didn’t pay too much attention to our house.  Instead, we spent much of the weekend with our friends and family celebrating.  On Saturday we had this little angel’s 1st birthday party.

Afterwards, we met one of our favorite couples at our house.  They hadn’t seen it yet, and we were dying to show them what it looked like.  The hubs and I were quite excited when we arrived because we realized the crew had framed in quite a bit after we left on Friday. 

(Sorry the quality of the pictures aren't the best!  It was dark out, we have zero lighting the in house and I only have a point and shoot digital camera.  Forgive me!)

Door to former bedroom #3 framed out.

View from in the master...former master bath doorway framed out and former large master closet, framed into smaller closet to give space to the new main bath.

View from in the master towards the new suite area.  First space you come to will be two master closets, and then the master bath.

And again.

Framed in master closet #3.

And again.
View from in the new master bath area, looking towards the master closets and bedroom.
View from in the master closet area towards the master bath area.

View from the master bath doorway space towards the master bedroom.  (Sorry it's so dark!!!)

We also had a little time to kill before our friends arrived, so I went to town on the wallpaper covering the walls in the master bedroom.  There was a spot where the wallpaper was peeling off…it was basically calling to me to rip it off.  Next thing I knew, 10 minutes had passed and I had all the wallpaper torn off the walls.  Now you can see all the disgusting glue left behind.  (I’m not sure if the process for removing the glue differs when the walls are plaster vs. drywall.  I’m going to have to do a little Google research.)
Ripping down the awful wallpaper.

Hmmm, maybe the wallpaper wasn't so bad compared to what is left.
I have a feeling this glue is going to be a nightmare!

Sunday was an interesting day at the house.  I didn't go because I had a ton of laundry to get done, but the hubby wanted to get over there to clean up some leaves in the few hours we had before our family dinner to celebrate my sister-in-law's birthday.  Well about an hour after he left I got a text message from him saying he forgot to grab the house key from me.  No bueno.  I felt so bad.  The house is so far from his parent's house.  There is no way he could come back to get a key and then head back over there.  I suggested a locksmith, but he was already well on his way breaking into our own house.  Luckily, 1) we have a storm door that locks behind the one he shattered the pane of glass to get into; and 2) we are replacing all of our doors and windows anyway.  And it doesn't hurt that our contractor volunteered to put some plywood over that area too.

Oh, never a dull moment!

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