Thursday, October 13, 2011

{Lack of} Progress Report

We thought Tuesday would be an awesome visit to the house.  It was supposed to be the first day we were getting a sub-contractor in to work on the bathroom plumbing.  Notice how I used the phrase supposed to in the previous sentence.

The hubs and I arrived at the house and booked it toward the main bathroom.  (We were told that the plumber would be getting the main drain and tub in place because that is what everything works off of.)  Hmmm…it looked like nothing was even touched.  The ridiculous hole in the “floor” from where our old master shower leaked through into the garage was even still there, just staring at us.

Then we thought maybe the plumber decided to work on the master bath first, so we ran to check that out.  No dice.  There was nothing done in that space either.  We were not happy campers.  In our last act of desperation to find some progress in the house, we descended into the basement to see if anything else happened down there.  Nope, still looked the same.  Boooooooooo!!!

The hubs and I were puzzled.  I wanted to call and see what happened to the scheduled plans, but I didn't want to be too pushy.  So we let it go and drove home disappointed.  (I know, I know...woe is us, one day went by without work.  It's because we were told the day before, by our contractor, that it was happening. And now that we own the house, any day without progress, means one more day that can't move in.  Forgive us; patience is not our strong suit lately.) 

The next morning, on our way into work, we received a phone call from our contractor.  The hubs first words (after “Hey Mark”, of course) was “Oh jeez”.  This is not what I was hoping to hear.  Then I heard “Oh boy” and I knew the news wasn’t good.  After they hung up, the hubs explained to me what was going on.  The plumber (who we rushed around to get all these bathroom parts for) was behind and hoped to be at our house by Thursday.  Also, our contractor’s crew was on hold to do any work because the footing inspector had no available appointments until Friday afternoon.  Major boooooooooo!!

So today I’m all about keeping my fingers crossed that the plumber is no longer backed up and the crew can get to our house to work on the million other things that need to be done besides the basement footing.

Don't get me wrong.  I fully expected that stuff like this would happen.  Every renovation job has delays and bumps in the road.  It's impossible to avoid them.  Each step in the construction process is dependent on another one being the minute something is pushed back, it creates a ripple affect through the whole job.  I was aware and ready for this when we took this house on, but it doesn't change the fact that I'm human and will be disappointed when those delays and bumps happen.  Afterall, me and the hubby just want to finally have a place to call home.

Hopefully I'll have a real progress post for you tomorrow!

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