Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Bad News Bears

Ohhhh the same story, different day with our contractor.  You think we’d be used to it by now, but we aren’t.  We were supposed to meet our electrician and contractor at the house tonight after work so we could go over what needs to get done.  Well, that’s not happening.  And my poor hubby has been hanging out at the house since 10AM (because he had to be there to sign for and inspect our master bath vanity delivery), unable to do anything productive with the yard work because it’s been pouring non-stop.  He’s been trying to keep himself busy inside by shop-vac’ing and straightening up around our disaster of a house.  He reached out to the contractor about an hour and a half before we were to meet them just to confirm everything, and he was informed that they couldn’t make it tonight, and better yet, our contractor is no longer coming to the house to work tomorrow.  Awesomeee! {Obvious sarcasm.}

Would he have even called to inform us of any of this if we didn't call him?  Probably not. 

Our contractor said he’s hoping that the windows will be in on Friday “so he can make a big push.”  Boy, am I sick of hearing that phrase!  I wouldn’t be, if it was actually backed up with results.  But the past two weeks have left me and the hubby disappointed and questioning the Thanksgiving move-in date that we were given.

At least one thing went right today.  As I mentioned earlier, the hubby had to be at our house between 10 and 12 to accept the delivery of our master bath vanity.  He said our vanity, marble top and mirror arrived in good condition and he absolutely loved it.  He gave my vanity decision a big thumbs up!  (I'm just glad it looked as good as it did online.  We originally had selected a similar, less expensive vanity, but could not find it in stock when it was time to order.  We were told the earliest it'd be in was late November or early December.  That left me scrambling online to find something.  My Mom did some Internet searching of her own and spotted this vanity, that I had seen earlier, but dismissed because of it's slightly higher price tag.  Well now that we were desperate, I decided the extra $300 was worth it to get the look we were going for.  Everything happens for a reason right?!)

Here is the vanity I chose for our master bath.  It comes with the marble top, sinks, faucets and mirror.  I will be Craigslist’ing the faucets since I found others that I love.

Design Element USA vanity picture from here

Maybe by the time Monday rolls around I'll have some sort of progress post for you.  At least that's what I'm hoping for! 

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